Scared of Taking Your Sex Toys Through Airport Security?? NOT ME!

Posted By - , Apr 10th 2019

Bringing a sex toy on vacation is a sure-fire way to amp up the pleasure and excitement, but the thought of getting your carry-on bag publicly searched in the airport security line prevents many people from actually doing it. Yeah, that might be a little awkward… but who freaking cares!?  YOLO, I say! That potentially awkward sitch with TSA shouldn’t stop you.  (They probably have toys of their own, anyway!)

My girlfriend Heather called me the other day in a state of panic. She was getting ready to head to Cabo for a spring break trip with some friends. She was packing all of the essentials for her trip – sunnies to wear while she sips on daytime cocktails, bikinis to lounge around in by the pool, and a hat so she can lay out and enjoy the beautiful ocean. She told me she was also looking forward to having some “alone time” on the trip, relaxing in her oceanside room and sneaking in some fantastically loud and relaxing orgasms. She went to pack her vibrator and said to me, “Can I even take this through airport security? I HATE checking a bag!”

Yes, Heather, yes you can take it in your carry-on!

Heather started rattling off questions about how she should pack it, which toy would be the best to bring, and how to know if it would be flagged as it goes through the scanner. I told her not to worry. I said, “Bring that sex toy through with CONFIDENCE!”  Who the hell cares if you get caught!?  You’re allowed to have a sex toy that brings you pleasure - be unapologetic about it.

For those of you like Heather, who want to pleasure yourself on vacation but might be a little nervous about bringing your vibrator in a carry-on, here are my tips to UNAPOLOGETICALLY take your sex toys through TSA.  

Ideal toys for travel

I would definitely consider going with a smaller, compact toy. I mean, hey, most carry-on bags are small anyways.  If you’re like me and pack for a week-long vacation as if you’ll be there for three months, it’s always nice to have a little extra room for the five pairs of sunglasses you have to squeeze in… The Kroma ($14.99) and the Jopen Key ($59.99) are my go-to toys for traveling. Small, discrete, and you can slip them right in any bag, purse, or pocket - just make sure it’s out of your pocket for the body scanner, LOL. You can’t even have a damn piece of paper in your pocket for that thing...let alone a vibrator.


How to pack your toys

If you pack your toy in your carry-on, there are some things you can do to make sure it stays clean and stays OFF during travel to avoid any unwanted vibration while you’re going through security or while on the plane. I always pack my smaller toys in a plastic bag so they stay clean until I use them. If it’s a rechargeable toy, make sure it’s turned off and locked before you pack it.   

How to stay calm going through security

The most important thing about bringing a sex toy through airport security is to act cool, calm and collected. Remember, you are doing NOTHING wrong. In fact, in my opinion, you are doing everything RIGHT, you badass you. I pack my vibrating toothbrush with me when I travel, so why the hell would I not be able to pack my stimulator? If there is an issue and your bag gets flagged, just remain relaxed and confident! If your toy is in a plastic baggie, the TSA agent should have no problem seeing what it is and letting you move on with your day. Guaranteed, they’ve seen it all before, so don’t sweat it.

Let me preach something: There is NOTHING shameful about using sex toys or traveling with them. We all have the right to pleasure, so you bring that vibrator through airport security with pride and a big ‘ol smile on your face! Happy travels!

 - Miranda Buzzlove

Posted By - , Apr 10th 2019