Yoga Can Transform Your Sex Life - It Did For Me!

Posted By - , Jun 20th 2019

Hey, guess what?!? Friday, June 21st is International Yoga Day! Something you may not know about me - I friggin’ LOVE yoga.  I’ve maintained a daily physical practice for the last decade or so, and it has exponentially improved my mind-body connection and… my sex life. I didn't start yoga with the intention of bettering my sex life, of course - but hey, what an exciting bonus!

Derived from the Sanskrit root 'yuj,' yoga literally means “union,” and many people think of yoga as the union of the body, mind, and spirit. How does that not run a parallel to sex?  It does - and in so many life-changing ways.

Body - The Physical

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. Practicing yoga has significantly helped increase my strength, flexibility, and stamina, which has some clear benefits when it comes to sex. I am in no way saying that strength, flexibility, and stamina are essentials to mind-blowing sex, they're not. What I am saying, though, is that they have opened up a world of possibilities, especially when I’m feeling a little extra adventurous or playful. Ever had sex with your feet behind your head? Well… I can report that it doesn't make sex better per se, but it does provide versatility, a fun shock factor, deep penetration, and more options if you catch my drift. (And I think you do.)

Practicing yoga has also increased my overall body awareness. Particularly, my awareness, rather enlightenment, of the pelvis. Part of my yoga practice includes practicing mula bandha, which is basically the yoga equivalent of Kegels, where you exercise contracting and releasing your vaginal muscles in accordance with your breath. This tones the muscles of your pelvic floor, which can intensify your orgasms and allow you to contract your vaginal muscles during intercourse. I find that this not only increases my satisfaction but my partner’s too!  It also can help create an intimate experience that deepens our connection to one another. Ahhh, the amazingness...

Mind - The Mental

The foundation of a yoga practice is in your breath. By practicing yogic breathing, known as Pranayama, and connecting breath to movement, you are inherently practicing mindfulness and meditation. That is pretty f-ing cool because mindfulness and meditation literally change your brain and the way you think and react. The western world is finally awakening to the value of meditation as more and more research is out about the benefits of continuous practice. One benefit in particular that I have noticed is an increased presence and awareness during sex, which can be very sensual. By allowing yourself to focus on the present moment you become more alert to feeling and sensation, freeing yourself to completely immerse in all the joys of physical touch, eye contact, sound and music, ambiance, etc. If you are a sensual lover, like me, this is the key to good sex.

Spirit - The Emotional

The spirit is a bit more of an abstract concept, but I like to think of it as what’s left when ego, the false sense of self, is removed from the picture. I find that yoga helps with this lifelong process because through the physical practice of moving your body and the mental practice of exercising awareness you can learn to appreciate your body in a fundamental way that is not based on societal expectations and standards. This translates into better sex because I find that I am now less worried about what my body looks like during sex or if I am performing well enough for my partner. Sex is no longer just a physical experience, but an emotional one that transcends the ego.

So, what are you waiting for? Get on your mat! If yoga isn’t your thing, I believe these benefits can also be achieved through any physical practice mixed with mindfulness and meditation. Yoga is just what works for me - and I intend to practice (in the studio or in bed) for years and years to come.

 ~ Miranda Buzzlove

Posted By - , Jun 20th 2019