Yes, Halloween Can Still Be Sexy This Year!

Posted By - , Oct 30th 2020

It’s not even up for debate – Halloween is hands-down the sexiest holiday we celebrate all year long. For many of us, it’s a time to dress up, roll-play a bit, celebrate our freaky side, and temporarily (and maybe without even realizing it) let go of all of the sexual baggage we’ve carried around the rest of the year. Yes, Halloween is truly the best! But can it still be sexy in a pandemic year? Hell yes! 

I realize that bars are closed, social distancing guidelines are in place, and the masks we wear are not exactly meant to be part of our Halloween costume, but there are still many ways to embrace your sexy side on October 31st.  And lucky for you, I have some ideas to share. :) 

  1. Buy a costume and conduct a photo shoot for social media. Big parties are out of the question this year, but that doesn’t mean you should skip the costume altogether. Make it a year to remember, instead!  Buy a costume, get into character, and conduct a photoshoot at home for your social media channels. Here are some fun ideas! Or, if you’re feeling extra confident, wrap yourself up in nothing but a sheet and call yourself a sexy ghost. 
  2. Host a virtual costume party and dress to impress. If you normally shy away from the “sexy” costumes, perhaps 2020 is the year to go for it! Hosting (or attending) a virtual Halloween party can feel much different than attending one in person. In fact, it can give you a whole new sense of confidence because you can control your computer angles and lighting so you can feel and look your best in that sexy costume. 
  3. Bring your costume into the bedroom. Whether you have a partner or are looking for some kinky solo play, use Halloween as an excuse to try something new. Halloween can make for the best excuse to give costume play a try. I recommend pairing your costume with some kinky props from CalExotics’ Scandal They can bring your Halloween fantasies to a whole new level - trust me! 
  4. Snuggle up and watch some horror movies. OMG, this is my very favorite. Turn on a freaky AF horror movie (like The Ring or any one of the Paranormal Activity movies) and snuggle up on the coach with your s.o. There are so many suspenseful, creepy scenes that create excellent opportunities to scooth in closer and hold each other tight! 
  5. Send some Halloween-inspired sexts to that special someone. This can be a really fun one, but you have to use some creativity...and don’t be afraid to get punny. Here are some examples to get you started: 
    • If you give me a trick, I’ll give you a treat tonight 
    • This skeleton has a bone...r 
    • I think I’ll be a vampire for Halloween because I vant to suck your… 

You get the point. ;)  This Halloween may be different than years past, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t get into the holiday spirit and allow ourselves to feel sexy. So go forth and be freaky, my friends. 

Happy Halloween! 

~ Jesse Hart

Posted By - , Oct 30th 2020