Train your Pelvic Floor with E-Stimulation

Posted By - , Nov 11th 2020

Why choose an e-stimulator over a conventional Kegel exerciser?

1) Weak Pelvic Floor

For those with a weak Pelvic Floor, E-stimulation is a fantastic alternative because the electrical pulses contract the muscles for you.

2) Avoid Dread

Many people do not like doing their Kegels. For some, it can feel like a chore. E-stimulation can remove much of that roadblock, hopefully increasing the chance you’ll adhere to the regimen and actually do it!

3) Laziness

The first client I ever told about the existence of vaginal e-stimulation as an alternative to Kegels, her response was, “Oh thank GOD! Because I am too damn lazy to my Kegels. If this will do it for, I’m sold!”

So, how do you train your Pelvic Floor with E-Stimulation/Impulse?

1) Lube up the wand

Use a water based lubricant or the Impulse Conductive Gel.

2) Insert the wand

Insert the wand in your vagina so that the metal electro-pads rest two-thirds of the way up.

3) Turn it on

Press the bottom button to turn the device on, and the top button to find an electro-stim setting you prefer. The electric current will cause your muscles to contract and relax in 3.25 second intervals, without any effort on your part. You may not even feel it, or you may feel a painless tingle.

4) Complete a full training cycle

Allow this 5 second on/5 second off pattern to continue for 20 minutes per use. Once on, the middle button controls seven different speeds of vibration, so you can enjoy and pleasure yourself during the training.

5) Repeat

Complete a 20 minute session two times per week. 

It is likely to take 3-6 months of regular treatments before you notice a change. Overnight success doesn’t exist for most things, so remember to be patient and gentle with the process,  and have fun!

-Dr. Jill McDevitt, Ph.D. and resident Sexologist at CalExotics

Posted By - , Nov 11th 2020