Super Hero Of Sex Toys: Mini Marvels Marvelous Massager

Posted By - , May 21st 2018

Mini Marvels Marvelous MassagerSometimes you need a hero (or heroine) in the bedroom.  Sometimes you need something unique and delicious all in one.

I’m so excited about the design of this new line of Mini Marvels products.  But I think my favorite is the Marvelous Massager because of its ergonomic design.  I like how it feels in my hands and I like how it feels on my body.

Keep in mind I like massagers!  I like things I can use all over my body and on my genitals too!

Simply squeeze between two fingers and you can now play your body like an instrument.

Try these strokes:

  • Violin – use the Marvelous Massager like it’s bow on a violin and play up and down and across your vulva.
  • Drumbeat - Tap your vulva and inner thighs to your favorite beat, or find the function that pulses and just press into your vulva while the Marvelous Massager does the playing!
  • Rock and Roll – Use this one on your shoulders, neck, feet, thighs or genitals.    Firmly press into the area and then roll. 
  • Wonder of Women – Use plenty of lube and firm pressure on your genitals, then begin to press into the left side of your clitoris (for some women the right side might be better).  Slide over your clitoris, rock and roll on your clitoris and play with the wonder of it all!

 The Marvelous Massage can also be used on male genitals!  Try playing on the shaft of his penis, his testicles or the root of his penis!

 Have fun! And let us know your favorite Super Hero Technique!





Jaiya is an award-winning somatic sexologist.

Posted By - , May 21st 2018