October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Posted By - , Oct 15th 2018

Did you know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month?   It’s time to celebrate and honor all the bodacious tatas in the world (and men, you have tatas too, and yes, while rarely discussed men get breast cancer too).

While awareness is great, it’s only one aspect of breast health.  Here are some other aspects to consider:

  • Pleasure – what pleasure do you get from your nipples and breasts, are you in pleasure or are you in shut down and shame? I truly believe that how we feel about our breasts affects their health.
  • Prevention – focusing on prevention is very important, talk to your health care provider about what you can do to take measures that prevent breast health issues.  For example, numerous studies show that Tumeric, an exotic spice, may aid in the prevention of certain issues.
  • Power – this comes from deeply educating yourself when it comes to your health, especially sexual health.  You need to learn how to become your own health detective. A few years ago I had a breast cancer scare and I did a ton of research about testing and found that some of the best detection methods were not what I had been told.  Do your research, there are many options out there, but they are not regularly talked about!

I want to go back to pleasure for a moment.

I’m super thrilled that Cal Exotics has partnered with Living Beyond Breast Cancer, to create a line of products (Inspire) that help women bring more pleasure into their bodies.  Living Beyond Breast Cancer is a non-profit organization that helps support women who have been diagnosed with Cancer.   Every purchase of an Inspire product helps support Living Beyond Breast Cancer and their incredible work in the world.

My favorite product in the Inspire line is the Vibrating Remote Breast Massager!  When I was in massage school we were taught that Vibration was one of the most healing types of massage, but that most hands were not capable of creating the level of vibration needed to be effective.  I’m excited that a Vibrating Breast Massager has been created!  I’m telling all my clients!

Check out a video on what makes the breast massager so great:

Other Inspire Products include a Silicone Dilator Kit, a Vibrating Ultimate Wand, a  Weighted Silicon Kegel Training Kit, a Vibrating G-Wand,  the super orgasmic Vibrating Flickering Arouser (okay, this one might be tied with the Breast Massager) and more. 

This month, I invite you to do something amazing for your Breast Health.  And if you have trouble being generous to yourself, start with the Inspire line and do something generous for Living Beyond Breast Cancer. In honor of breast cancer awareness month, CalExotics is doubling the donation. Double the proceeds from each sale of Inspire will go to LBBC to continue the fight and help women take control of their sexual health.

Place your order and make a difference today!









Jaiya is an award-winning somatic sexologist.

Posted By - , Oct 15th 2018