National Nude Day Challenge

Posted By - , Jul 14th 2020

The pandemic may have put our partying days on hold for a while, but I sure as hell am not going to sulk around my house without having at least a little bit of fun this week for National Nude Day. Yep, better than Christmas in my opinion, National Nude Day – which takes place on July 14th every year – is a day when we can strip down to our birthday suits and celebrate in the most primal of ways. BUCK NAKED!  So, I say let’s get as naked as the day we were born and feel free as a bird – even if it’s at home, alone.

Naked bike rides may be out of the question this year (thanks COVID), but that doesn’t mean we can’t figure out a few ways to celebrate in our birthday suits this year. Allow me to give you five challenges – or maybe I should call them dares – for inspiration.

1. Pose like the Statue of David.  Ok, this one makes me giggle in the best way. Back in the day, artwork seemed to be synonymous with nakedness. Am I right? So, to celebrate the day, I encourage you to strike your best David pose in the mirror. Or, if you are feeling extra sassy (and I know you are), take a pic for your personal Year-of-the-Pandemic-National-Nude-Day album.  Oh, you’re telling me you don’t have one of those yet?  Here’s your invitation to start one. ;)  

2. Do 10 jumping jacks naked. Hell, do 20. First of all, you’ll burn a few extra calories for the day. But also, this exercise feels silly in all of its wobbly, bouncy glory. What was your experience like? Did you laugh? Did you feel insane AF?  Were you inspired to workout for 30 more minutes? This challenge can bring about such a range of emotions. How did it make you feel? 

3. Eat a meal nude...with or without silverware. This is even more primal, folks – and if you spill on yourself, there’s no need to do laundry either.  You might want to shower, though (LOL). Enjoy a meal in the nude with nothing but a fork and knife. Or, for an extra primal challenge, use your hands!

4. Do a sexy dance for yourself or your s.o. What better excuse to do a little striptease than National Nude Day? Put on some music, have a glass of wine (if you need liquid inspiration like me), and dance naked like you are a professional. Believe me, your s.o. will be highly entertained, if you have one. And if you don’t, give yourself a personal show in front of the mirror! Who knows, it may lead to a little masturbation session for a bonus. ;) 

5. Take some mirror selfies.  News flash! Today is the youngest you’ll ever be moving forward, so I say document the day by taking a couple of nude selfies in the mirror. No need to share them with anyone (unless you want to). These can be for your personal nostalgia over the years. Hell, I wish I had done this five years ago! 

To me, doing any of the above challenges would be a victory these days. If we don’t make the conscious decision to strip ourselves of any lingering self-judgement, proudly strut in our birthday suits, and have a little fun goshdarnit, we run the risk of slipping further into this so-called pandemic depression.  Honestly, if you took the chance to read my blog this far, do yourself a favor and try some of these things. Go ahead, I dare you! At the very least you may find yourself distracted, crack a smile or even release a good chuckle or two. Happy National Nude Day, everyone. Let’s celebrate! 

- Jesse Hart 

Posted By - , Jul 14th 2020