My Favorite Sex Podcasts

Posted By - , Sep 26th 2019

I’m addicted to sex podcasts! Whether I’m eating breakfast, at the gym, or en route to my next destination, you best believe I’m listening to a sex podcast. Podcasts are so great because they fit so easily into our busy schedules and are sure to make us laugh, open us up to new perspectives, teach us the best tips and tricks, inspire confidence, and maybe even spice up our daily commute (because listening to a podcast about BDSM on a crowded bus feels so wrong, but so, so right). 

There is a bounty of incredible sex podcasts out there, too. In celebration of International Podcast Day on September 30th, I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite sex podcasts in case you are looking for a new one or if you just don’t know where to start. Allow me to be your guide! 

How Cum

Host Remy Kassimir is a hilarious comedian, which really shines through in this podcast. Remy started the podcast to help herself and her listeners figure out how to achieve the female orgasm, because at 28 years old, Remy realized the female orgasm gap wasn’t just a personal obstacle but a societal one. Spoiler alert! She achieved her goal of orgasming along with many of her happy “cumpanions,” and now the podcast continues with broader episode topics relating to sex and sexuality. As an avid listener of “How Cum,” I genuinely feel like I have gone on a journey with Remy in discovering my own identity as a sexual being. 

Sex with Emily

Emily Morse is a pioneer of sex podcasting, starting “Sex with Emily” in 2005. She is a sex and relationships expert who really knows what she’s talking about. She gives honest, non-judgemental advice that is super practical and useful for everyday life. You can tell what a genuine relationship Emily has built with her listeners over the years and that she really wants to help, often remembering individual listeners and following up with callers off-the-air. You will no doubt finish a “Sex with Emily” episode feeling inspired and comfortable in your own skin.

Why Won’t You Date Me? 

Nicole Byer, famously known as the host of Netflix’s new culinary comedy “Nailed It!,” has a podcast, too! But it ain’t about baking cakes. In her podcast, Nicole and a guest explore the age-old question, “Why am I single?” in a refreshingly honest, hilarious, and relatable way. As a fan of hers, it is such a treat to get an intimate peek into Nicole’s dating life. Even as a married woman, I still find myself relating deeply to this podcast, but it sure as hell doesn't make me miss being single! Oh, the stories… 

Sluts and Scholars

The title of this podcast is by no means misleading. Co-hosts Nicoletta Heidegger, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Sexologist, and Simone, a law student who “really likes to talk about sex,” are equal parts hilarious and intelligent. The two self-proclaimed sluts, with the help of their guests, tackle any and all topics related to sex and sexuality. The combo of immense wit and humor uniquely rids “taboo” topics of any stigmas and shame. This comes highly recommended by yours truly! 

Sex Talk with My Mom

Here’s a unique one! Twice a week, a cougar mom, KarenLee Poter, and her stand-up comedian son, Cam Poter, talk about sex and everything else you would never dream of talking about with your mom. No joke! It sounds like the worst, most cringe-worthy idea ever, and while it has some cringe moments, most of the time it’s hilarious, sweet, and informative. 

Pop in those earbuds and take a listen — and Happy International Podcast Day, y’all! 

- Miranda Buzzlove

Posted By - , Sep 26th 2019