Miranda’s Guide to the Best Time of Day For Sex

Posted By - , Feb 17th 2020

Miranda’s Guide to the Best Time of Day For Sex 

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that I LOVE sex at any time of day. Morning, noon, or night- it all has the potential for mind-blowing sex. I’m a firm believer that the perfect time for reaching the big O is whenever you and your S.O. are in the mood (or hey a good solo session isn’t a bad idea either)! 

So whether the mood strikes morning, noon, or night, your friend Miranda says it’s all gooood! But is there a best time to have sex? Let’s discuss: 

Morning Sex

Ah morning sex- I’m going to come right out and say that morning sex is underappreciated. Is there a better way to start off your day?? I can’t think of one! And yet, I always have friends say “But Miranda, I just don’t have time in the morning” or “but Miranda, haven’t you ever heard of morning breath?”. I totally get that sex first thing in the morning isn’t always the sexiest, but if you’re not even willing to give it a fair shot- then what can I say but that you’re seriously missing out!

Okay so if I’m being real (you know I always am!)- morning is not always the time you look and feel your best. Yes, morning breath is a real thing, bed head is real too. But hey- that’s part of being human. There’s a few ways to minimize these so called “obstacles” so you can partake in a little bumpin and grindin! 

Here’s my advice- if you’re worried about morning breath or not looking your best in the AM, try a spooning sex position where the penetrating partner is big spoon. You won’t be face to face AND it’s super comfortable so you won’t feel like you have to get up and out of your warm, cozy bed too quickly! My hubby and I LOVE to use the Slay #PleaseMe while we’re in the spooning position because he can hold it so easily while reaching around to stimulate my clit. Seriously- name a better way to wake up in the morning. I’ll wait. 

And if you’re someone who doesn’t feel like there’s time in your morning routine, you might want to start scheduling some intimate time in the mornings on weekends. There’s nothing better than a lazy Sunday morning spent in the bedroom. ;) 

Night Sex

If nighttime sex were a cookie it would be chocolate chip, it’s a classic and crowdpleaser. Have you ever met someone who didn’t like a chocolate chip cookie? No- didn’t think so. But do I want an oatmeal raisin or sugar cookie now and again, you bet I do. 

Okay I’ve made myself hungry and this is supposed to be about sex- focus Miranda, focus! Night sex is a standby- but don’t let this classic get boring. If your nighttime romp is starting to feel routine it’s time to spice things up! Try out some new positions, role play your wildest fanatsies, or try a new sex toy together. My hubby and I are loving this new Red Hot Massager. Either he or I can hold it and pick out the perfect sweet spot to target- 10 out of 10, would recommend to a friend ;) 


Ok, ok- midday is the darkhorse candidate of sexy times of the day, but hear me out guys! 

Was your first thought “who has time for sex in the middle of the day?”? If it was then let me tell you that you need to live a little. Taking time out of your busy schedule and hectic life for a little afternoon delight is oh-so rewarding. I can’t think of a better way to tune out the distractions of the world than connecting with my hubby for some alone-time midday. 

One of my absolute FAVORITE ways to make the midday a little sexier is to wear a remote teaser while the hubby and I run errands or hang out around the house. The Lock-N-Play Wristband Remote lets us be super discreet when we’re out and about. My husband can wear the remote which looks just like a trendy fitness watch and tease me in public all DAY long! 

Why not switch things up and try something new? If you and your S.O. are only getting freaky when you’re heading to bed- try spicing up your mornings. Ultimately, getting rid of any time constraints on sex is freeing- it’s an activity for all hours of the day! 

Posted By - , Feb 17th 2020