Let’s Resolve to Have Better Sex in 2019

Posted By - , Dec 20th 2018

I freaking LOVE sex.  I do!  But when I take a look back on my sex life in 2018, there is nothing particularly wild or crazy about it.  I had sex, yes..and it was good, yes...but I want to look back at 2019 - one whole year from now - and say to myself, “holy moly, I was a kinkly little sex goddess this past year!”  I clearly didn’t accomplish that in 2018… and there’s room for improvement.  

Call me crazy, but unless I actually write this resolution down and commit to it, it will never happen.  So, I’m resolving RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, with you as my witness, to have better sex in 2019!  And unlike last year’s resolution (to lose 20 pounds), I’m actually going to succeed with this one.  Because you know why?  I’m motivated as hell.  One day when I’m 80 years old and I can’t pull my leg over my head, I’m not going to look back and say, “if only had more sex when I was younger....”  F- that.  I’m making 2019 the year of Miranda...the vixen.

I suppose in order to succeed with my sex resolution, though, I should come up with a gameplan.  Surprisingly, having “better sex” doesn’t just come with a snap of the fingers.  It involves time and effort, just like any other resolution, and, quite honestly, I think it will be easier said than done. Perhaps if I begin with these baby steps, I’ll be well on my way.  And these aren’t just for me...they are for anyone else with this goal in mind for the New Year!

Step 1:  Communicate intentions with your partner. Ok, if I’m going to get my man on board with “upping our sex game,” I better make sure we’re on the same page. Be careful with how you phrase things though, as you don’t want your s.o. to think he or she is missing the mark thus far.  Make it light-hearted, fun, and more about you becoming a better sexual partner for him/her than anything else.  Commit to being more of a “giver” and the rest will follow.

Step 2:  Share fantasies with each other.  “Fantasies” exist for a reason, and guaranteed, both you and your partner have a sexual fantasy or two you have only explored mentally and have never actually expressed out loud.  Let your partner in on your sexual fantasies, whisper it in his/her ear, and get your creative juices flowing.  The best part about fantasies is that you don’t have to actually act on them ever...unless you want to.  Otherwise, they are just there for make-believe and enjoyment! 

Step 3:  Get outside your comfort zone.  Part of the reason why we think sex is good, but not great, is that we become too “routine” in the way we do it.  But enough with the snooze-fest already!  Head to Cal   Exotics’ website and get some fetish toys, butt plugs, vibrating cock rings, and more.  Flirt with a new toy or try a kinkier side of sex that you haven’t explored yet with your partner.  You have nothing to lose...and everything to gain!

Step 4:  Get in bed EARLY, please. I am SO guilty of falling asleep on the couch at 9 p.m. watching Netflix.  Can anyone relate?  It’s seriously killing my sex life, and yet, I let it happen.  And then, once I get up off the couch and head to the bedroom, I’m legit a zombie.  And who wants to have sex with a zombie?  (Ok, I guess there are probably some of you out there with a zombie fantasy, LOL.)  But after a long day, try snuggling in bed without TV and as early as possible - even before dinner!  It’s a simple step, but one that can truly enhance your sex life. 

Here’s to a New Year full of sex, sex, and more sex!  Your future, less flexible 80-year-old self will thank you for it.  ;)

~ Miranda Buzzlove

Posted By - , Dec 20th 2018