Let’s Celebrate Pride Month Every Day of the Year

Posted By - , Jun 28th 2018

LGBT Pride Month — For Sex Toy Creators, Pride is Every Day

I think this goes without saying, but hell, I’ll state it anyways. In fact, I will shout it from the rooftops! Those of us who are in the adult novelty industry don’t just celebrate LGBT Pride one month out of the year. We celebrate it all year round. And you know what? I am damn proud of that.

Don’t get me wrong; I absolutely, positively love seeing all of the support from cities, industries, celebrities and schools that honor Pride Month every June in their own special ways. It actually blows my mind to watch the encouragement and admiration that’s out there for our LGBT friends, and I cannot say enough about how happy this makes me feel. There is so much positive momentum out there for pride! I just think that those of us in the sex toy industry tend to see pride through a slightly different lens — and it’s one that reflects brightly, in rainbow color, 365 days a year. It’s a magnificent glow!

Show your pride, sex toys for men

Perhaps the sex toy industry is unique in this way. Or perhaps it’s the precise nature of sex toys that run an interesting parallel or analogy to the pride community. Think about it. Sex toys are often hidden away in the sock drawer because it would be “too much” for some people to see them out on display daily. (Of course, pride parades are an exception; sex toys come out and play at parades all across the country.) In addition, sex toys seem to have this “shameful” or “forbidden” cloud looming over them still, which is absolutely ridiculous and unwarranted, but perhaps an all-too-familiar concept for some folks in the LGBT population. Starting to see the connection?

It’s this time of year in particular that we focus on Pride values and celebrate them. Honestly, though, I’m all about lifting these clouds from July through May, too — meaning we air out the bullshit and embrace sex and sexuality in its entirety. You want to marry your best friend who just so happens to be a woman, too? Let’s celebrate that in November! You want to transition so that you can feel amazing in your own skin? Let’s celebrate your decision in April! You want to masturbate with a vibrator after work because it helps you decompress after a long day? Let’s celebrate that in January. Or maybe even today! LOL.

And shit, while I’m on a roll, I’d like to add the following words: lesbian, masturbate, anal sex, cock ring, clit, butt plug, lube, blow job! Sex, sex, sex! It happens in all ways, in all shapes and in all forms. And it happens all year round. When all is said and done, sex — particularly when we can freely and proudly express ourselves in the way we want to — brings us pleasure, sometimes extreme pleasure. And pleasure, my friends, is something worth honoring today, tomorrow and well beyond June. Life is a celebration, people, and good sex is my favorite part of the party!

~ Miranda Buzzlove

Posted By - , Jun 28th 2018