Halloween Role Playing Tips and Tricks

Posted By - , Oct 23rd 2019

Ever thought about roleplaying? If it’s crossed your mind, but you were too shy to execute, then damn- Halloween is the perfect time to go for it! You’ll be in costume already, so why not take it to the bedroom? Halloween is the perfect excuse to get a little extra freaky-deaky and release your inhibitions! (Cue the Natasha Bedingfield song, LOL.) 

As a matter of fact, the first time I tried roleplaying was on Halloween. I was dressed as Catwoman and my man was dressed as Batman and seeing each other dressed in latex was — how should I put this — fucking HOT! We couldn't wait to get home and put Catwoman’s bullwhip to good use. I felt like a dominatrix as we unleashed parts of ourselves we didn’t even realize were there before. We were still ourselves, of course, but we felt powerful, sexy, and hella confident. And THAT’S the beauty of roleplaying if you ask me! 

Here are my tips, tricks, and treats for the freakiest Halloween roleplay: 

  1. Consider Your Fantasies First 

Give some real thought to your fantasies. When you masturbate, what thoughts get you off? Maybe the common teacher-student powerplay dynamic or the idea of bondage? Whatever it is, this is YOUR fantasy, so I say own it! And if you’re not exactly sure what your ultimate roleplay fantasy is, that’s okay. I recommend watching various porn genres to see what REALLY turns you on... or try writing your own erotic fiction to see what comes to mind first. And remember, nothing is off the table when it comes to your fantasies and there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of!

  1. Incorporate Sex Toys Into Your Costume

A sex toy can be the perfect finishing touch to your costume. What is a fireman without rope? A policeman without handcuffs? A horse without a tail? A trainer without a crop? A biker without piercings? A witch without crystals? A soldier without a harness? You get it...the possibilities are endless! Hell, you could even go as Grace or Frankie from the Netflix show. A vibrator is a perfect accessory! 

  1. Set Boundaries

It’s always important to set boundaries when you’re exploring new territory in the bedroom, and roleplaying is no different. When roleplaying you really are taking on a new persona and they may have different limits than you, so make sure that’s communicated beforehand. I suggest making a “yes, no and maybe” list based on your costume and share it with your partner beforehand and have them do the same! 

  1. Have Fun

Unless you both happen to be amazing actors, things might feel a little awkward at first. But remember — it’s okay to laugh. That’s part of the fun! You’re going to say and do things that you normally wouldn't, so revel in the novelty of it all and don’t be afraid of breaking character if needed.

  1. Be Accessible Afterwards

While roleplaying is super fun, it can also make you feel really freakin’ vulnerable! You just acted out your innermost fantasies with another person and maybe dabbled in certain kinks for the first time. That’s not to be taken lightly, so check in with yourself and your partner afterward. What did you like? What did they like? Is there anything you didn’t like? How are you feeling emotionally and physically? Is this something you would like to do again? This can be a great chance to deepen your relationship both with yourself and each other. 

So what are Mr. and Mrs. Buzzlove going as this year, might you ask? Ringmaster and circus performer. I really wanted to put that bullwhip to good use again! 

~ Miranda Buzzlove

Posted By - , Oct 23rd 2019