Great Sex Using All Five Senses

Posted By - , May 31st 2019

I was thinking about this f-ing amazing platter of sushi I had the other day. (Classic Miranda thinking about food, right?) This sushi was seriously unreal. When the waiter brought it to our table, my friends and I gasped when we saw it. It was so beautiful. And when I put that first roll in my mouth, OMG, it was the best damn thing I’ve ever tasted. My friend said, “This is like an orgasm in my mouth,” and I honestly couldn’t have agreed more. Seeing that sushi with my eyes and tasting that sushi on my tongue brought me so much pleasure, it got me thinking about sexual pleasure and how it can be so much more comprehensive than just the physical aspect.

Incorporating all five senses – touching, smelling, hearing, tasting and seeing – can do wonders for your sex life, so I thought I’d drop some tips for y’all:


Since sex is such a physical act, of course touch is a big part of your  sexual experience. But it’s always good to try new things and explore the entire body (both yours and your partner’s) so you can figure out what you like and what arouses you. Aside from the obvious parts of the body that have enhanced sensitivity, there are other erogenous zones that when touched, kissed or licked, can give you intense pleasure you never knew you could have. For me, it’s all about the ears. Seriously, the first time someone sucked on my ear while having sex, I was surprised by how amazing it felt. Now, it’s part of my normal sex routine because of how much it turns me on. Also, using a vibrator is another sensation that can rock your world. Now I can’t stop thinking about my Red Hot Ignite vibrator and how it feels on my nipples and clit… ahhhhhh!  


You know the excitement you get when you pass a bakery on the street and smell the fresh, gooey cookies they just took out of the oven?  Take that sensation and bring it into the bedroom! You can light a candle or incense, anything that will perk up your sense of smell and relax you.  I’m all about lavender, but there are so many different scents out there to try!


Do y’all ever hear a song come on Spotify and you’re just like damnnn, this is putting me in the MOOD! Seriously though, sometimes at work that one song comes on in my headphones and I wish I could teleport to my bedroom! Music is that powerful. A good song can help set the mood for sex – during foreplay and during the main event. Queue up that sexy time playlist and ride it out, literally! Also, if talking dirty or flirty during sex turns you on, talk that TALK! Just remember to relax and let it flow.


Going back to the cookies (of course)!  Bringing food into the mix is a great way to activate your taste buds and really boost your sexual experience. Whether you tease your partner by wrapping your lips and tongue around a big, juicy strawberry, or drizzling some honey on your nipples, make sure to use your tongue as much as you can. You know that Sex and the City scene where Samantha puts sushi all over her body? Yeah, it’s sexy as hell when you do it in real life!


Visuals are huge when you’re trying to turn up the heat in the bedroom. You can even throw in a little strip tease to widen up your partner’s eyes and ramp up the excitement. Put on and then take off (wink wink) your special lingerie and put on a little show. Seeing my partner’s reaction to my sexiness and confidence always gives me that extra boost! Dialing up the visuals is great, but taking away your sense of sight can also be sexy as hell. Removing one sense can help enhance all the other senses, so you can experiment with blindfolds to really focus on the other senses.

Now go have some fun, my friends! ‘Til next time…

- Miranda Buzzlove

Posted By - , May 31st 2019