Good Orgasms Come to Those Who...Foreplay

Posted By - , Nov 20th 2018

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always craved drama and suspense. Suspense in the movies I watch, drama in the books I read, and extra suspense when it comes to my favorite  So bring on the drama, bring on the suspense, and bring on the...FOREPLAY!  . 

Yes, my friends, foreplay is a MUST for me. Some people want to cut straight to the chase and jump right in to full-blown intercourse. And believe me, I get it.  Intercourse is amazing, but have some patience, people! You can’t just go from zero to 100 in a second.  I want to hit all the glorious numbers in between…yes, every single one of them. I want to please and tease and moan.  And you know what they always say?  Good orgasms come to those who...foreplay.  (Wow, that was good, Miranda.  You should really trademark that shit.)  

Let’s be real, though.  Foreplay can be a complete and total bumblefuck for some people.  I’ve had some amazing foreplay in my time, but other foreplay attempts have completely flatlined.  And I’m not surprised!  It’s not like there is a “one size fits all” foreplay handbook out there.  So what are some general rules of thumb?  When should foreplay start? The night before when you’re alone thinking about your significant other or when you’re actually in the same room? Is foreplay more than just the physical acts before sex? What gives?

My take on foreplay is that there are no “rights” and “wrongs” to it and foreplay can be anything you want it to be, so long as it gets you in the mood and is consensual. Foreplay can be everything from sharing a sexy preview on FaceTime or sending a flirtatious text to heavy petting, kissing, or a little BDSM play and more.  And it doesn’t just have to just be the “fooling around” you do in the moments just before sex.  You can foreplay throughout the day. (Hellz yes, Miranda, you should f-ing trademark that one, too!)

They say every good performer has a good warm up routine, right?  So, why should sex be any different?  Here are my five tips to practice your foreplay routine.  And practice is fun...

Sext in public

When away from your bae, sexting in public can be mega hot.  Knowing your s.o. snuck away from dinner with friends to send you a sexy pic or that they typed the words “I can’t wait to feel your body against mine” right under the table in a restaurant is mega hot. It’s like the thrill of having sex in public, or the thrill of potentially getting caught; I guess I just like the drama...

It all starts with a kiss

Kissing is underrated, but it shouldn’t be.  It's simple, yes, but a little kissing gets me hella aroused, almost instantly, and especially when I start thinking about the other fun places I’d like to feel those lips and tongue!

Start outside of the bedroom

Foreplay doesn’t always have to start in the bedroom.  That feels a bit robotic to me sometimes.  Start exploring your partner’s body in a different room like the kitchen, bathroom or living room and work your way in before you hit the sheets. Or hell, don’t even make it to the bedroom at all.  Do it on the kitchen counter!  Just do yourself a favor and avoid the stove top, LOL.  Now that’s hot in a completely different way...  #BeenThereDoneThat

Bring your fantasies to life

If you’re like me and have a mind that runs wild, you probably have hundreds of sexual fantasies that you play over and over in your head. But you know what’s even better? Bringing some of those kinky fantasies to real life. To perfect you foreplay routine, I recommend doing stuff like dressing up, role playing and exploring your fetishes aloud. Be someone you’ve always wanted to be and unleash your dirty dreams. As someone who feels confident and in power most of the time, being dominated in bed is totes my jam. Strap some handcuffs on me and I’m screaming for more.  Foreplay is all about building up tension between you and your partner before letting it all out.  And if you don’t have the props?  Use your imagination and trust me, it’ll come to you. 

Bring the good vibes

Last but certainly not least, get yourself a killer sex toy, peeps! Sometimes you just need that extra buzz beforehand to enhance your drive.  Use a vibrator with your partner, or let them watch while you get off.  Now, that’s fun for everyone. ;) 

~Miranda Buzzlove

Posted By - , Nov 20th 2018