Cuffing Season Survival Guide

Posted By - , Sep 23rd 2019

Summer is over, football is back, and the colder months are right around the corner. So, you know what that means? Cuffing Season is quickly approaching, and it’s time to get in the game.

Science shows people want more sex during the holidays. It’s cold outside, you’re doing a lot of cozying up on the couch watching movies, and many people would rather do that with a partner.

The season for being temporary boo’d up doesn’t technically start until December, but now that September is here, we’re officially in the “drafting” phase of cuffing season. Like our football-obsessed friends who just partied hard during their fantasy drafts, it’s now time for you single people out there to select your prospects. Evaluate the field, see who catches your eye, and determine who would be an excellent fit to shack up with for the next four to five months. If there’s someone you’ve been keeping an eye on, hit ‘em up, or start swiping on those dating apps. 

Gosh, I love the concept of cuffing season — ‘cause it’s just so damn true! In October, the “tryout” phase begins. Once you have a few people in your back pocket, it’s time to test the waters. Maybe go on a few dates or snuggle up at home for that first Netflix and chill sesh. 

Cuffing “pre-season” begins in November, and you’ll have to narrow down your options at this point. Depending on where you live, the freezing temps and snow will sneak up on you, and you all better be prepared to lock someone in just in time for December and the holidays.

As someone who went through a lot of cuffing seasons before I tied the knot, here are some things to keep in mind to make the most out of cuffing season prep and the real deal.

Update your dating profiles

Now that the spring flings and summer hookups are in the past, people will be flocking back to Bumble, Hinge, and Grindr to find their cuffing season prospects. If you haven’t updated your dating profile in a while, now is definitely the time. Get your friends to take some smokin’ hot pictures of you and refresh those pick-up lines.

Set your intentions

Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself during the months leading up to cuffing season. Who is on your cuffing roster? How do you narrow your options? What do you want in a cuffing season partner? Make sure you have your mind made up on what exactly you want this cuffing season. Do you just want someone for romance and sleepovers? Or do you want someone more serious who can meet your family and friends during the holidays? Of course, your feelings (and theirs) might change as you get deeper into the relationship, but it’s always good to set some expectations for yourself from the beginning. 

Explore new tricks in the bedroom

This could also be an excellent time to scout, draft, and try out some new sex positions and sex toys to further spice up your sex life as you get deeper into cuffing season. Since you may have a partner for the next couple of months, cuffing season is a great time to be more adventurous in the bedroom and explore any kinks or sexual fantasies you’ve been dying to try. Maybe you want to try some BDSM moves, such as cuffing your partner (quite literally) with handcuffs. Not gonna lie, I thoroughly enjoy being handcuffed during sex, and these Scandal Universal Cuffs are my go-to when I want my partner to cuff me up! This year, I may graduate to a ball gag

If you decide to bring your partner home for the holidays and your parents make them sleep in another room (flashback to my parents), there’s a way to sneak around that and still feel some pleasure. This remote panty teaser will get the job done for you as your partner controls the vibrations from the room next door. This is hot as hell, people!  

Re-evaluate after the holidays

Most of the time, cuffing season is a four to five-month trial relationship that serves a purpose: to fulfill your sexual and emotional needs during the colder months. After you get through the winter and exhausted all your cuddles and hookups, take a minute to re-evaluate how you feel about the relationship. When Valentine’s Day rolls around, AKA the cuffing season “championship game,” you’ve either found your match for the long-run, or it’s time to break things off. If you don’t see the relationship lasting any longer, that’s OK! Don’t you worry... warmer months and new relationships are on the horizon.

So, take the next few months to gear up —  I wish you all a happy cuffing season!

- Miranda Buzzlove

Posted By - , Sep 23rd 2019