Celebrate National Masturbation Month

Posted By - , May 20th 2019

Celebrate National Masturbation Month

May is National Masturbation Month! Here are some ways to celebrate:

1. Change up your routine.

If you usually use your fingertips to self-pleasure, try your palm this month. If your go-to position is on your back, do it face down instead. Try it in the shower if the bed is your typical masturbation space. Mix it up with porn, erotica, full body caressing, or other add-ons if they aren’t your standard MO. Or see what it’s like without those things if they are.

2. Buy a new toy.

Using a sex toy to masturbate is a reliable way to orgasm, learn what you like, and take control of your own sexuality (which is why as a sexologist recommend them so frequently!) This May, treat yourself to a sex toy. Or better, yet try out a few different toys to explore all the different ways masturbation is possible, from pinpointed clitoral stimulation vibes, like with the Red Hot Spark, to thrusting vaginal play, like with the Orange County Cutie,  to dual anal/perineum exploration, like with Embrace Tapered Probes.

3. Masturbate your partner.

Mutual masturbation is an oft bypassed sex act, skipped over by many in favor of penetration. So switch it up by centering masturbation during sex with your partner this month. Remind your partner what those hands and fingers can do in all their dexterous skill.

4. Try to beat a record.

Feeling ambitious? The record for the longest masturbation session is 9 hours and 58 minutes. The most number of orgasms in one hour is 134, and 222 in one sitting. The Longest ejaculation is 18 feet, 9 inches. Have some fun trying to beat one of these records during the month of May, or beating one of your own personal  bests.

5. Get your learn on.

There’s always more knowledge to gain, and new ways to think about things. Invest in your masturbatory personal growth this month by -

6. Talk about it

National Masturbation Month wasn’t founded for titillation purposes; it was founded to make a political point. Masturbation is a healthy, normal, fun part of being human and yet there are still enormous taboos and stigmas about it. The more we talk about masturbation, and acknowledge it without shame, the more we knock down those social taboos. You can do your part in these efforts during National Masturbation Month by:

  • Posting an article about masturbation (like this one!) on Facebook.
  • Sharing the popular “May Has Come, and So Should You” National Masturbation Month graphic on Instagram.
  • Using National Masturbation Month to start a conversation at home with your children about healthy sexuality.
  • Or, if you work in the health or medical field, to start a conversation with your clients or patients.
Posted By - , May 20th 2019