Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Posted By - , Oct 7th 2020

October is coming up, which means it’s time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. While you might see an increase of pink ribbons around town or at the store, just how much do you know about breast cancer? Spreading awareness is important to keeping our breasts happy and healthy.

Who is at Risk?

Breast cancer is caused by cells in the breast growing out of control. While breast cancer is usually only associated with women, men also have breast tissue, which can lead to breast cancer. Risk factors to consider include age, breast density, genetic mutations and a family history of breast cancer.

Signs of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer symptoms will look different for different people. In fact, some people might not experience symptoms at all. There are a few common warning signs, though. Be on the lookout for lumps in the breast, change in breast size, skin dimpling and nipple pain or discharge. These symptoms can be signs of conditions other than breast cancer, but you should still visit a doctor if they appear.

Breast Cancer Self-Exam

It’s recommended you do a monthly self-exam to look for any abnormalities. You will want to take your time carefully feeling for any lumps or changes in your breasts. Doing this exam on a regular basis will help you know what your breasts normally look and feel like. This will make it easier for you to notice any changes.

It’s normal for breasts to naturally be a little lumpy. When looking for breast cancer lumps, you want to keep an eye out for new lumps that weren’t there during the last exam or hard lumps near your armpits.

Breast Sexual Health

Sexual health is a good step to take toward getting comfortable and familiar with your own breasts. Spend time learning what your nipples and breasts feel like and what pleasure you can derive from them. Erotic massagers are a common toy that are great for nipple stimulation. You can also play around with the Inspire Pulsing Intimate Arouser to see what kinds of stimulation and sensations feel best on your breasts and nipples.

Posted By - , Oct 7th 2020