Best Valentine's Day Gift for Couples

Posted By - , Feb 12th 2019

Gifts designed to enhance your sexual connection and romantic relationship are perfect for Valentine’s Day. But I’ve heard from folks who love the idea of it, but are a bit intimidated because they don’t know how to present it.

“What do I, just hand them a dildo wrapped in pink tissue paper?”

Well sure! That’s one way to do it. And here are some others:

1. Gift:  Lube. Because wetter sex is better sex!

How to Present It: Like you would a cheese or chocolate tasting board, with small bite sized pieces to sample and compare, prepare a small smattering of sex liquids. Include things like water and silicone based lubricants, which you can purchase in sample sized packets, edible foreplay oils, arousing gels, and massage creams.

Invite your partner to the table on Valentine’s Day and let them taste the edible products you arranged (by licking it off your fingers, or wherever!), offer them a hand or shoulder massage with the different creams, and test out the lube they like best by putting a drop in the palm and rubbing. See which one lasts the longest and feels the silkiest. Then buy full sized bottles of your faves.

2. Gift: Vibrator. There are so many different vibrators to try- clit vibes, vaginal toys, G-spot, anal, and things you can use together. Choose 2-5 to try (I recommend Santa Monica Starlet, Lock-N-Play Remote Panty Pleaser, Climaxer Pump, Passion Enhancer, and Booty Call Booty Beads to get started).

How to Present It:  Wrap each one, or put them in a gift bag, and hide them around the home- maybe one back hidden in a kitchen cabinet, one in the washing machine, and for sure one in your bedroom.

Give your lover an envelope that leads them on a scavenger hunt to find the first sex toy. Have a note with each toy that gives them a hint on where to find the next one, and so on until the two of you, and your new vibrator collection, are lead to the bedroom to try them out.

3. Gift: Sex Ed Class. As a sex educator I’ve witnessed the transformative impact classes can have on a couple. Whether it’s an a instructional class on rope bondage at your local sex store, or a more formal open-to-the-public lecture on body image and culture at a nearby college, you are bound to be inspired as a couple on new ways to approach your sexuality.

How to Present It: You’ve heard of dinner and a movie? How about dinner and a class? Take them out to a nice dinner, and at the restaurant present them with tickets for the class you’ve selected (you can google image search “ticket template printable” and add your own info).

Then as the next surprise, have a hotel room booked so you can practice what you learned in class.    

So try these ideas this Valentine’s Day. You’ll thank me later!

 - Dr. Jill McDevitt

Posted By - , Feb 12th 2019