Best Sex Tips to Stay Warm All Winter Long

Posted By - , Jan 7th 2019

I’m writing this blog post from my bed, where I am draped in three blankets and wearing a mismatched sweatsuit from 2005.  Damn, Miranda, you’s a sexy bitch!  But seriously, I am a freak of nature when it comes to body temperature and trying to keep warm during the wintertime.  Perhaps I have the shittiest circulation on the planet, but even in a mound of blankets and some super cozy sweats, my fingers and toes are still ice cold.   But don’t heart is still warm.  Cue the “awwwwwwwwwws.”

In the spirit of the season, I thought I’d heat things up a bit and write about the best sex tips and positions for staying warm this winter.  And these are so good they might even inspire you to shave your legs (for once) this season, LOL.   

Sex Tips to Stay Warm

  1. Cowgirl style:  This is an excellent, heat-inducing position for the “cowgirl” on top.  You might not think it, at first, but this is a great active (vs. passive) sex position for a woman.  The bouncing, stroking or riding movements themselves can be a workout and will get your blood flowing and your heart rate escalated. Try different speeds to make the ride last longer!
  2. Spooning: I can’t think of a better position for warmth, to be honest, especially for the “little spoon.”  Getting wrapped up from behind is like having a human blanket draped over your body - plus the insertion from behind can feel a bit naughty in the best way ever.  For extra warmth, build a fortress of pillows around your bodies so you are wrapped up from all angles.  Now that’s cozy!
  3. Shower Time: I’m not a huge fan of shower sex, believe it or not, but that all changes when it comes to the cold, winter months. If “I’m cold” has ever been a reason for you NOT to get naked, it’s time to rethink your priorities, my friend.  Turn on a hot shower, let the steam heat up in the entire room, and get a good steamy makeout session in before heading into the running water.  Let your partner clean your body from head to toe, you dirty, dirty, vixen, you!
  4. Heating Pad:  Any woman who has ever had miserable period cramps likely has a heating pad at home.  But why only bust it out when you are struggling or in pain?  I think you should bring that heating pad into the bed at other times.  Place a heating pad next to you and your partner under the sheets in bed and create a little pocket of warmth to romp in naked together. Just be sure to stay under the covers for maximum warmth.  
  5. Candle Wax...yes please!  If you’re feeling adventurous and looking for something a little extra hot, try using candle wax to get your partner all hot and bothered.  Maybe you’re remembering a time that you dripped hot candle wax on yourself and it hurt.  Not to worry!  Special candles like CalExotics’ Tantric line are designed to melt at a lower temperature, making the melted wax just hot enough for a sensual massage.  It hurts so good and taps into your BDSM side!

All that said, before starting any of the above, I also recommend standing naked in your cold room for a few minutes before you meet up with your partner.  The colder you are to start, the more eager you are to feel his/her touch - and the closer you stay to his or her body.  This adds an extra element of kink and desire and makes the process of igniting body heat that much more enjoyable.  In fact, I think I just convinced myself to ditch the sweats…

~ Miranda Buzzlove

Posted By - , Jan 7th 2019