An Open Letter to My Sex Toy Stash During the Pandemic

Posted By - , May 20th 2020

Dear Sex Toys,

As I sit down to write this letter to you, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for your existence as I try to brave this pandemic alone, without the ability to date or have human interaction of any kind. You are the “Wilson” to my deserted island and I am forever appreciative for the pleasure you bring me in the midst of this ongoing tragedy.

Some people may not understand our relationship – and I know others may judge us. But I could care less what they think because you are here, by my side, as I try to navigate a multitude of ups, downs, wins, losses, and the complete and total clusterfuck that is my emotional state these days.

When I’m with you, sex toys, you have the innate ability to calm my senses, whisk me away from reality, and provide a sweet escape from the Groundhog Day my life has become during this pandemic. You take the pressure off my shoulders, remind me to connect with my body, and give me permission to feel good again. I just want to feel good again...

I honestly don’t know what I’d be feeling today if it weren’t for you, sex toys. Increasingly frustrated, sad, lonely – angry perhaps? I don’t want to be any of those emotions...and so I turn to you, sex toys, for a therapeutic and loving release of oxytocin.

As we shelter-in-place together, you stay the course, you’re here for me when I need you, and quite frankly, you are my best chance at getting a good night’s sleep. With each orgasm, I’m reminded that I’m alive and well – and that tomorrow when I wake, the sun will rise again and we’ll be one day closer to finding a solution.

I am eternally grateful for you, sex toys – and there is absolutely no shame in sharing that. Thank you for being my rock during these turbulent times.

Yours truly,

- Jesse Hart

Posted By - , May 20th 2020