2018: The Year of Period Sex

Posted By - , Oct 18th 2018

Humans have been menstruating, and having sex, and having sex while menstruating for a few hundred thousand years.

But there’s been a whole lot of taboo around it. Period sex is not something we often talk a lot about publicly, and many cultural and religious stigmas about it being “gross” and “unclean” remain strong.

And then suddenly, just this year, I’ve noticed a bit of a change of tone.

In January of this year, PornHub ran a promotion called “Fuck Your Period” encouraging women to masturbate during their periods, using data tracking to monitor when the user is due to get their period, and offering a free subscription to PornHub Premium during that week. 

And then in March, the first ever menstrual cup that can be work during intercourse made its debut to the market. Ziggy Cup is a thin bowl of silicone that rests just below the cervix and away from the vaginal canal, promising mess-free, penetrative period sex. 

Last month, VICE shared photographer Nolwen Cifuentes’ photo series called Period Piece, which documents queer couples after they’ve just had period sex, showcasing raw and powerful images of lovers cuddling in bed together with their sheets and faces smeared with blood. 

The New York Times, The BBC, and Time Magazine all published articles in 2018 extolling the benefits of sex whilst menstruating.

If 2018 is the year of period sex, I’m here for it, and there are still 3 months, and 3 cycles, left to celebrate!

Here are some of the benefits, but first let me mention, just like with any other sex act, there’s no right or wrong, and whatever you want, or don’t want to do sexually, is valid. And don’t forget your safer sex practices should still apply during menstruation.

1. It’s Wetter

The blood serves as a natural lubricant, and since wetter sex is better sex, the extra slippery sensations are a major perk.

2. Orgasm relieves menstrual cramps

The endorphins and uterine contractions that occur during orgasm are really good for helping alleviate cramps.

3. More turned on?

Question mark, because it’s anecdotal. According to evolutionary biology, menstruating people should be most turned on to sex during ovulation, because babies. But a quick google search will show there are endless forums with users asking “WHY AM I SO HORNY DURING MY PERIOD??” that clearly, it’s a phenomenon for many.

It could be that all the blood causes more pelvic congestion, which can lead to increased arousal. Or maybe it’s the hormone fluctuations for some. Or maybe having a period just makes some folks more aware of their genitals, which in turn makes sex cross their mind.

Whatever the case may be, if having your period makes you horny, take that perk and run with it!

4. Breaking stigma

Sticking it to The Man is one of my favorite pastimes. And having messy, bloody, sheet-staining period sex when millennia of people, who don’t get periods, have advanced the narrative that this is bad and filthy and you shouldn’t be touched during your period, is a great way to stick it to ‘em. Plus it’s super empowering!

Dr. Jill  

-Dr. Jill McDevitt is CalExotics' Resident Sexologist. She is a sexologist, sexuality educator, sexual wellness coach, and unapologetic feel good activist on a mission to radically improve the way we think about and treat sexuality, ourselves, and each other.

Posted By - , Oct 18th 2018