10 Types of Sex Toys to Try for Anal Pleasure Month

Posted By - , Aug 28th 2020

There’s so much ecstasy to be found by pleasuring the booty! Whether you are an expert at butt play or are an aspiring novice, there are always new ways to explore anal pleasure solo or with a partner. Anal pleasure products are at the top of the list (thank you, technology!) — and lucky for us, there are literally hundreds of options to choose from.

To help you navigate all of the options, here are 10 different categories: anal beads, butt plugs, inflatables, anal training kits, prostate, realistic, water play, double penetration, pegging and spanking. These products are non-binary and can literally be used by any consenting adult who has a butt.

1. Anal beads are a series of attached beads that you can insert. They come in various shapes and sizes and you can insert them as shallow or as deep as you’d like, which makes them a wonderful introduction to anal play. Make sure you use lots of lube, relax your muscles and insert one bead at a time (or just one if that’s your comfort level). Move slowly and tune in to what feels good to your body. Anal beads come in both non-vibrating and vibrating options, so give both a try and see what works best for you.

2. Butt plugs serve as a great “next step” if you enjoyed your experience with anal beads. Butt plugs come in both vibrating and non-vibrating options, as well, and are usually slightly larger in diameter than anal beads, which is why many people “graduate” to them once they are ready. Use lots of lube, move slow, and insert into the anus as far as what feels comfortable. They come with a stopper on the end, so you don’t have to worry about the plug getting lost. For vulva owners, try pairing a clit stimulator with a butt plug for blissful sensations!

3. Inflatable probes operate just as you would expect them to based on their name. You attach a small hose to the anal probe before inserting it slowly (with lube). Once inside, squeeze the bulb on the end of the hose to inflate the plug to your desired size. The probe will hold its size until you hit the quick air release button for gentle deflation and removal. This sensation takes butt play to a whole new level.

4. Anal training kits are a wonderful option to explore if all of the above options sound interesting to you, but you don’t know where to start - or you want them all! These kits typically include several types and sizes of beads and probes so you can explore and learn what you like. And the best part? They also come in vibrating and non-vibrating options!

5. Prostate products can provide immense pleasure for prostate owners. Located between the bladder and the penis, the prostate is a walnut-sized reproductive organ that can also feel really, really good when touched and massaged. Prostate toys are curved just in the right shape to reach that glorious p-spot to deliver gentle non-vibrating or vibrating touch. Just like any other anal product, use lots of lube and move slow!

6. Realistic products are meant to resemble an actual penis. These are perfect for anyone wanting to lube up and simulate the experience of anal penetration with a partner.

7. Water play products are anal douches designed to give you a superior backdoor cleaning experience. These can be used either in advance of solo or partner anal exploration or simply on their own for stimulation. Just fill with water, carefully insert the thin tube, and use the squeezable bulb to control water flow.

8. Double penetration products are for those who love the sensation of being full! The CalExotics Silicone Beaded Double Rider is a great example. It comes with a beaded probe that’s attached to a small loop that slips over the base of an erect penis. When worn, it allows for double penetration of the other partner. These are great for role-playing those threesome fantasies you’ve always dreamed of! Just remember to lube up and communicate the entire time to ensure there isn’t any pain or discomfort.

9. Pegging has been growing in popularity among all people, no matter their sexual identities. Simply attach a small pegging probe to a harness of your choice and then insert slowly (with lube) into your partner’s backdoor. Pegging probes are great intro-level products, as well, since the probes are designed to be smaller in size.

10. Spanking...last but not least - and an all-time favorite for many people! Up your backdoor kink factor by using a BDSM paddle like the Scandal Double Round Paddle with any of the products above. This added domination or submission can be a real turn-on for many folks, so long as you communicate thoroughly and discuss safe words.

Of course there are many other options available, but this list is a great start. For more ideas, check out

- Jesse Hart

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