Are You To Old To Make Love?

Posted By - , May 24th 2023

Hey everybody, it's Jaya and our question today is, are you ever too old to make love?

And my answer to that is no.

This question really comes out of kind of an ageist society. I think we have a lot of prejudices, a lot of things where we deem or define what is sexy and what is, when are you available to have sex, all of those kinds of things.

For human beings, we are never too old to have sex, we're never too fat to have sex, we're never too tired to have sex. All of those things, you know, this is really something we have to bust the myth about.

As you age you can stay juicy and sexy and vital. I have clients in their 70s who can do things better than 20 year olds. I have a client who can have multiple orgasms in late 70s. I have females in their 60s who are just really starting to blossom into their sexuality. And they're not afraid to ask for what they want. So in some people, they would say sex has gotten better as they've gotten older.

So how's that for a turnaround? Actually you're never too old and it just gets better as you get older. I'm really looking forward to sex in my old age and being a sexy older vixen. I can just see it, the gray hair, and it's going to be sexy and hot.

All right, until then, fill your life with pleasure.

Posted By - , May 24th 2023