Our Founder & Vision

CalExotics began from a vision by Susan Colvin to bring inspiring intimate products and colors that better suited the needs of people looking to enhance their pleasure. As a pioneer in the adult product industry, Susan identified the need to create products that empower everyone to love themselves. Best known for the Jack Rabbit and Butterfly Kiss, Susan’s attention to detail ignited an industry. “We’re committed to building high quality and safe, intimate products that help people reignite romance in their lives.” Stated Susan Colvin during her interview with Forbes.

Susan’s vision for the industry continues today with a focus on sexual health and wellness, and a more inclusive outlook on pleasure. Again, her goal was to help millions of people enhance their sexual health and make pleasure a priority. Subjects that were often unspoken or that had hidden shame attached to them are now an open dialogue between people of all ages, sexual preferences and orientations. Susan’s collection specifically focuses on these, somewhat controversial, subjects regarding sexual health and pleasure. This open-minded mission continues to serve as a benchmark for the importance of bringing these conversations to the forefront of our lives.

Our products are designed to elevate your sexual health and wellness experience in every aspect. Each of our products has undergone rigorous testing to ensure the highest standard of quality and materials are used. Our company is female-owned and operated by Susan Colvin whose vision was to create more inspiring intimate products for people looking to enhance their daily lives. “I believe the sexual health products that we create are a part of a holistic plan to cultivate a happier you,” Susan Colvin. “Our collection of colorful and beautiful products bring a sophisticated approach allowing us to enjoy more pleasure and self-love that leads to a fulfilled world of pleasure. Enjoy!”