Up!® - Tighten It Up V-Gel

Up!® - Tighten It Up V-Gel

Up!® - Back It Up Water-Based Anal Gel

Up!® - Back It Up Water-Based Anal Gel

Up!® Start It Up Accelerator Gel with L-Arginine

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Upc Number: 716770063465

  • This product is crafted with care in the U.S.

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Up!...It’s the First and Last Word for a Memorable Experience!

Lather on the Up! Start It Up Accelerator Gel for a sensual awakening on all of your favorite erogenous zones. This body-safe gel uses vegan ingredients to stimulate the spots on your body with the most pleasure potential for heightened arousal and greater satisfaction in the bedroom.

Use the airless pump applicator to dab the arousal gel onto your nipples or your clitoris. Allow it a few minutes to soak in and work its magic before letting your partner explore you with more anticipation than ever.

If you’ve been craving a little extra sensation or feel like you’re not “seeing stars” with your lover’s touch the way others seem to;this arousal gel be just the spark you need to take nipple and clit play from ordinary to extraordinary. Awaken the nerves in your breasts and clitoris responsible for the pleasure sensations that lead to breathtaking orgasms.

The gel is 100-percent vegan and made without animal testing. It’s fragrance-free and sugar-free with a PH-balanced formula to keep you balanced and healthy. The gel is water soluble and enhanced with pomegranate and acai to stimulate your senses and heighten the mood.

Make the most of your pleasure and take your senses to new heights withthis arousal gel.
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This product is crafted with care in the U.S.

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