Anal-Eze™ Gel

Anal-Eze™ Gel

Tantric Enriched Body Mist with Pheromones™ - Pomegranate Ginger

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Experience the art of sensuality with Tantric’s Enriched Body Mist with Pheromones. Heat up your intimate pleasure and reach new heights of intimacy with a mist infused with nature’s own attractant, pheromones.

These body mists are made with ingredients equal parts sensual and soothing to the skin. Thevarious fragrant blend is ready to serenade you and your partner with relaxing, indulgent natural scents and an aroma reminiscent of a romantic meadow. Spritz on this sexy body mist to set the fireworks of a new date aglow or add enticement to a longstanding romance. Wear it during your everyday life for a boost of soothing scent and added attraction.

This luxurious body mist does more than just smell good: It’s also infused with ingredients that hydrate, refresh, and nourish your skin. It’s the perfect after-shower routine and provides a great way to boost your Zen any time of day.

This fragrant blend of natural ingredients includes white tea leaf extract, which contains antioxidants that enhance skin health. To use your new Bbody mist, spray over your body from head to toe to restore smooth, soft skin that will delight both you and your lovers.

Add these body mists to your daily skin care regimen for a boost of healthy skin, calm mind, and irresistible attraction!
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About This Product

This product is crafted with care in the U.S.

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4 fl oz / 118ml

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