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Entice!® Game

Sweet Seduction™

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  • Thoughtfully architected for mutual pleasure. Make more of your intimate moments.

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Test your love and romance knowledge by playing the Sweet Seduction Game. The fun adult couple’s game is designed for serious lovers who want to learn all there is to know about intimacy and pleasure. The themed card game is made for 2 players and is perfect for new lovers and established couples. Chance your luck by answering and asking questions that reveal your secret passionate desires and erotic fantasies.

The game comprises of 54 themed playing cards and easy to follow gameplay instructions. The aim of the intimate game is to explore mutual wants and desires and to share and match up sensual secrets. The addictive game is a great way to open the door for more intimacy and is ideal entertainment for a cozy night in for two. Use your imagination and play the card game as part of couple’s foreplay fun.

Pit your wits against your lover while playing the game. The sensuous card game is great for learning how to balance the sex and romance with your lover. Test your knowledge by answering personal and intimate questions that relate to sex, romance, and pleasure. The handy, travel-sized card game can be played whenever and wherever you are in the mood to upgrade your intimacy.
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Water Resistance Pure pleasure is yours, but keep this device out of the water as it is not water-resistant.
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Thoughtfully architected for mutual pleasure. Make more of your intimate moments.

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Package Weight 3 (oz) / 0.09 (kg)
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2 x 9.5 x 16 (cm)
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0.75" x 6.25" x 3.75" / 2cm x 16cm x 10cm (Game)

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