Kegel Exerciser

Luxury Kegel Exerciser & Ben Wa Balls

Discover pure pleasure when you play with these luxury Kegel exercisers from CalExotics. These orgasm balls are designed to bring you sexual satisfaction in a uniquely discreet way. Choose from a variety of designs and sizes to find your perfect fit and enjoy maximum gratification whenever the mood strikes. Use them on your own to discover thrilling sensations. As an added bonus, using these Kegel sex toys regularly will help deliver extra pleasure to your partner during penetration. Find out how these orgasm balls work and why you should choose Jopen’s luxury designs from CalExotics.

Your Sexy Little Secret

If you’re new to orgasms balls (also known as ben wa balls), you’ll be happy to hear that these toys are easy to use and can improve your sex life in several ways. These balls are inserted into the vagina and can stay in for extended periods of time. Holding the balls involves Kegel exercises that help to strengthen and tone your vaginal muscles. This can allow you to have more intense orgasms during sex and create a tighter feel for your partner during penetration. In addition, many women find pleasure in having the balls inside of them. As the balls move gently, it creates pleasurable sensations that allow you to have your own sexy little secret that only you (and possibly your partner) are aware of.

High-Quality Designs

Our luxury Jopen orgasms balls are made with high quality materials to deliver a safe and enjoyable experience every time you use them. These are top-quality sex toys that have been designed with your pleasure in mind. You won’t be disappointed when you opt for orgasms balls from this trusted brand. Browse a selection of sizes and styles for Kegel sex toys when you shop online at CalExotics.

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  1. Non-Vibrating Kegels
    Key® by Jopen® - Mini Stella I
  2. Non-Vibrating Kegels
    Key® by Jopen® - Mini Stella II
  3. Non-Vibrating Kegels
    Key® by Jopen® - Stella III
  4. Vibrating Kegels
    Envy™ by Jopen® - Sixteen
    Special Price $45.00 Regular Price $89.99
  5. Vibrating Kegels
    Envy™ by Jopen® - Seventeen
    Special Price $50.00 Regular Price $99.99
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