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Getting Naked!™ Game

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Sexy Scavenger Hunt™ Game

Love Rewards™ Game

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  • Thoughtfully architected for mutual pleasure. Make more of your intimate moments.

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Accept the ultimate risqué challenge by playing the Love Rewards Game. The raunchy adult couple’s game involves playing cards and earning rewards that you can exchange for your ultimate seduction pleasure once the game is over. The easy to play game is addictive and perfect for a cozy night in with your lover. Chance your luck and try your hand at winning the most rewards.

The exciting game includes 60 Love Rewards playing cards, plus complete game play instructions. The fast-paced card game is suitable for 2 adult players and involves taking turns in flipping cards and earning sensuous rewards. The thrilling game is perfect for rekindling red-hot passion and exploring secret desires and fantasies with your lover. Play to win by setting a goal of having your erotic needs met.

The game is a fun, sexy game that is ideal for new lovers and established couples. Let go of inhibitions by playing the addictive card game just for fun. The more rewards that you earn, the more indulgent your stimulation pleasure is likely to become. Shuffle the cards and deal them out between you and your lover. Focus on your ultimate tantalizing fantasy and play to win. Win or lose; you’ll easily enjoy theunlimited intimate fun.
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Water Resistance Pure pleasure is yours, but keep this device out of the water as it is not water-resistant.
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Thoughtfully architected for mutual pleasure. Make more of your intimate moments.

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2 x 9.5 x 15.25 (cm)
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0.75" x 6.25" x 3.75" / 2cm x 16cm x 10cm (Game)

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