Anal Probe for Men

Satisfy your erotic desires with the help of these anal probes and butt plugs from CalExotics. Pushing your pleasure to the next level if easy when you experiment with these erotic sex toys for men. Whether you’re new to anal stimulation or you want the pleasures of anal sex when you’re flying solo, you’ll find a perfect fit for your sexual desires when you shop on our site. We offer a wide range of smooth, tapered and beaded options to deliver the intense pleasure and explosive orgasms you crave. Start shopping now to discover an exciting new sex toy for more fun in the bedroom.

Tantalizing Sensations

Anal stimulation can lead to incredibly exciting thrills when it comes to your sex life, and these anal probes make it easy to experience whether you’re on your own or having an intimate encounter with a partner. They are easy to use and less intimidating in size for those who are new to anal sex. A smaller butt plug can be the perfect starter sex toy if you want to explore this area and discover new sensations. If you want to experience more intense arousal and pleasure, try a larger anal probe with vibrating features for added stimulation. A tapered anal plug in another option if you want something that will stay in place while you enjoy other sexual activities.

Climax Like Never Before

Those who haven’t tried sex or masturbation with anal stimulation are in for a delightful surprise when they try our probes and butt plugs from CalExotics. These toys are designed with your ultimate pleasure in mind, and you may be blown away by the intense orgasms you achieve when using these toys. Shop now to discover an enticing men’s sex toy that will open up new levels of pleasure for you.

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  1. Vibrating Probes
    embrace™ - beaded probes
  2. Vibrating Probes
    embrace™ - tapered probes
  3. Vibrating Probes
    Silhouette™ S5
  4. Non-Vibrating Probes
    Basic Essentials ® - Tapered Probe
    Special Price $6.50 Regular Price $15.99
  5. Beads
    Basic Essentials® Beaded Probe
  6. Non-Vibrating Probes
    Booty Call® Booty Starter
  7. Non-Vibrating Probes
    Booty Call® Petite Probe
  8. Vibrators
    Vibrating Waterproof Anal Probe
  9. Non-Vibrating Strap-Ons
    Packer gear™ - Kisser
    Special Price $17.50 Regular Price $43.99
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Items 1-12 of 46

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