Stimulator Toys for Her

Experience new levels of pleasure with this selection of stimulators for women from CalExotics. These tantalizing toys are made with premium-quality materials and deliver thrilling sensations to arouse and ignite your passions. By focusing in on your most sensitive areas, women’s stimulators can help prioritize your pleasure like never before. With a wide variety of designs, styles and sizes, you can easily find the perfect stimulator to satisfy your sexual cravings. Shop at CalExotics to find G-spot stimulators, clitoral pumps, mini vibrators and other stimulating sex toys for women.

Designed for Your Desire

Are you experiencing the highest levels of pleasure possible? You won’t know until you try one of these stimulator toys. Because they’re designed with a woman’s body in mind, these sex toys are capable of delivering incredible sensations, especially in areas that may not be getting enough attention when you typically masturbate or have sex. Several of these stimulators are designed to fully stimulate the clitoris, while others have a unique shape that helps to hit your G-spot. With these types of toys, it’s easier to experience an intense, explosive climax whenever the craving strikes.

Find Your Pleasure Points

Not sure which type of stimulator is right for you? At CalExotics, we offer a wide range of stimulators for women that can be used either on your own for some solo experimentation or with a partner to make sex even more exciting. Use a pocket-sized vibe or vibrating panties for discreet stimulation. Use a clitoral pump to make your most sensitive area even more aroused. Use a strap-on stimulator to get hands-free stimulation where you want it most. With so many options from which to choose, you’re sure to find a new toy to drive you wild with pleasure when you shop at CalExotics for women’s stimulators.

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  1. Vibrating Clitoral Pumps
    Body & Soul® Scintillation™
  2. Vibrators
    Key® by Jopen® - Nyx
  3. Bullets
    High-Intensity Snow Bunny®
  4. Massagers
    Extreme Pure Gold™ Mini Scoops™
  5. Vibrators
    Mini G Rock®
  6. Massagers
    First Time® Travel Teaser Kit
  7. Stimulators
    Foreplay Ice™ Glacial Stimulators
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Items 1-12 of 71

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