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Kegel Exercisers & Ben Wa Balls

Experience more intense orgasms than ever before with the help of these Kegel sex toys from CalExotics. Our selection of ben wa balls, orgasms balls and other insertable toys allow you to strengthen your vaginal muscles. You’ll find that the improved muscle tone can actually help you to climax during sex while also increasing pleasure for your partner. These simple toys are easy to use with a partner or on your own for some solo stimulation. Make it your sexy little secret when you insert ben wa balls and work on your Kegels to boost your arousal in bed. Browse our full collection of Kegel toys at CalExotics to find the perfect fit for your sexual desires.

Muscle Up

Did you know that your vaginal muscles need to be exercised in the same way that other muscles in your body need to be exercised? When you use ben wa balls, it makes your Kegel exercises even more powerful, helping to strengthen and tone your pelvic floor. This practice is associated with heightened sensations during sex since you’ll be able to achieve more intense contractions during orgasms. In addition to having more powerful climaxes, Kegel exercises can help you hold on tight to your partner’s penis to increase his pleasure as well.

How to Use Orgasm Balls

Ben wa balls have earned the nickname of orgasm balls for a reason. These simple yet satisfying sex toys are perfect for women who want to explore their sexual arousal in new ways. Simply add some lubrication to your orgasm balls and slide them in slowly. If it’s your first time using them, try doing this on your back to achieve a more relaxed position for insertion. Hold the balls in by tensing your vaginal muscles and enjoy the arousing sensations that occur as the balls jiggle and move inside you. Shop at CalExotics to find the best selection of ben wa balls and other Kegel sex toys to help spice up your sex life.

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  1. Non-Vibrating Kegels
    L'Amour™ Premium Weighted Pleasure System
  2. Vibrating Kegels
    embrace™ - love balls
  3. Non-Vibrating Kegels
    First Time® Love Balls Duo Lover
  4. Non-Vibrating Kegels
    Couture Collection™ Eclipse
    Special Price $11.50 Regular Price $22.99
  5. Non-Vibrating Kegels
    Duotone Orgasm Balls™
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