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  • Thoughtfully architected for mutual pleasure. Make more of your intimate moments.

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Surprise and delight your lover with the erotic Entice Her! The fun couple’s board game is made for 2 adult players and involves pampering and spoiling your lover with romance. The entertaining love themed game is great for a romantic night in, and perfect for couples that are serious about red-hot passion and love.

The boardgame comprises of 60 Entice Her! cards, a game board, 2 pawns, 1 die and simple game play instructions. The aim of the intimate game is to place all the attention and focus on her and to be the first person to reach the finish space on the board, collecting pampering rewards to bestow on your lover along the way. Be the perfect affectionate lover and show your love by pampering, spoiling and enticing her.

The playful and light-hearted game is suitable for new lovers and established couples that want to introduce more romance into their connection. Playing the enticing love game gives you the advantage by teaching you things about your partner and relationship. Play to win by spoiling and pampering your way to winning success. Play the exciting board game whenever you want to spice up your love life.
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Water Resistance Pure pleasure is yours, but keep this device out of the water as it is not water-resistant.
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Thoughtfully architected for mutual pleasure. Make more of your intimate moments.

Bulk Weight 10.5 (oz) / 0.3 (kg)
Package Weight 1.3 (oz) / 0.04 (kg)
Package LxWxH 1.75 x 9.5 x 6.25 (inches)
4.5 x 24.25 x 16 (cm)
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1.5" x 9.25" x 6.25" / 3.75cm x 23.5cm x 16cm (Game)

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