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Enjoy potent pleasure whenever the mood strikes with these Envy by JOPEN vibrators from CalExotics. This luxury line of high-quality vibes is sure to stimulate you in new and exciting ways. Get ready to experience thrilling sensations and silky-smooth textures that leave you quivering with anticipation. Whether you’re enjoying some solo stimulation or you want to add a dynamic toy to your intimate encounters with a partner, you’re sure to love these alluring vibrators. Shop at CalExotics for Envy by JOPEN sex toys to find the perfect fit for your erotic desires.

By Women, For Women

What makes Envy by JOPEN vibrators so special? These products are all designed by women for women, so they all have features that prioritize your pleasure. The female-friendly shapes feel absolutely amazing, ensuring a comfortable, pleasurable experience whether you’re enjoying internal or external stimulation. The designs themselves are also visually appealing, which adds another level of arousal to the experience. Each toy features premium silicone with a soft, smooth texture and gentle curves designed to tease and tantalize your most sensitive areas. You’ll quickly discover why JOPEN is a leader in luxury intimate products when you use your first Envy vibe.

Pick Your Pleasure

This line of adult toys includes a variety of options to allow every woman to find her perfect fit. Simple massaging wands and dual stimulation vibrators are available. You can also choose a Kegel exerciser to make sex even more enjoyable and discover a new way to experience pleasurable sensations. Since every product has been designed by women with pure pleasure in mind, you’re sure to have an intensely satisfying experience when you use Envy by JOPEN vibe. Browse through this collection of luxury sex toys at CalExotics to find a product made just for your pleasure.

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  1. Vibrating Kegels
    Envy™ by Jopen® - Sixteen
    Special Price $45.00 Regular Price $89.99
  2. Vibrating Kegels
    Envy™ by Jopen® - Seventeen
    Special Price $50.00 Regular Price $99.99
  3. Vibrators
    Envy® by Jopen® - One
    Special Price $59.50 Regular Price $118.99
  4. Vibrators
    Envy® by Jopen® - Two
    Special Price $62.50 Regular Price $124.99
  5. Vibrators
    Envy™ by Jopen® - Five
    Special Price $64.50 Regular Price $128.99
  6. Vibrators
    Envy™ by Jopen® - Four
    Special Price $64.50 Regular Price $128.99
  7. Vibrators
    Envy® by Jopen® - Three
    Special Price $64.50 Regular Price $128.99
  8. Vibrators
    Envy™ by Jopen® - Six
    Special Price $71.50 Regular Price $142.99
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