What to get the new couple that's not on their wedding registry

Fun fact: I always give a gift basket assortment of sexual health and pleasure products to the newly married couple at every single wedding I attend.


Because I know my gift will be more functional than brass napkin rings. Much more frequently used. And more fun to boot. And because even though sexuality is a massive and important part of most people’s romantic relationships, I know that everyone else is too bashful or traditional to give practical, non-gag gift items to help the couple with the sexual side of their marriage. So I do it.


Join me in getting pulled aside at the reception and hearing “I peaked in your gift bag and OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!” at the next wedding you attend with these gift ideas:

 1. Sex toys

 A sex toy that the newlyweds can use together is always in my wedding gift bag.

I especially like the Passion Enhancer. Thoughtfully architected for mutual pleasure, this stretchy and comfortable ring provides stimulating fun for both partners during penis-vagina intercourse. This gift will certainly NOT be tucked away in the china cabinet with the other gifts!


 2. A Couples Sex Class

The gift of education is priceless, and a certificate to a couples’ workshop, sexuality retreat, or online course, like my 10 Day Foreplay Challenge or 10 Sexual Communication Challenge, is something the newlyweds can benefit from for years to come. We aren’t born knowing how to be astute communicators or adventurous lovers, but giving the couple a class can help make sure they have a solid foundation at the start of their marriage.

 3. Romance Kit

The Romance Kit by CalExotics includes a ready-made pack for a sexy and sensual night without needing to do much planning. The kit does all the prep work and includes stimulator that vibrates against both partners at the same time during sex, a foreplay card game, a sensual feather, and a bottle of pheromone massage oil- so the couple can explore physical touch in a variety of ways.


4.Sexy photo shoot

The newlywed couple will have a million beautiful, professional photos of themselves at the wedding. But what about setting them up with a gift card with a local photographer that specializes in sexy boudoir couple shoots? Then they will have photos of their special day to share with family for decades to come, AND a special private collection just for themselves, capturing the sexual energy between them when they got married.


 5.Couples Massage

 Sweet, sensual, relaxing, and indulgent, all at the same time. A spa gift card for a candlelit massage is a win!



Soft and plush cuffs, like Scandal Universal Handcuffs by CalExotics, are a gift that lets the newlyweds play with control. A luxurious bondage experience made of high quality fabric, these cuffs are completely adjustable and can be used on wrists and ankles, loosely or firmly, with universal claps and nickel-free iron rings for endless creativity about who is getting tied to where.  

 Dr. Jill

-Dr. Jill McDevitt is CalExotics' Resident Sexologist. She is a sexologist, sexuality educator, sexual wellness coach, and unapologetic feel good activist on a mission to radically improve the way we think about and treat sexuality, ourselves, and each other.

Published at: 06-08-2018
Tags: Dr. Jill relationships