Living Beyond Breast Cancer

"It’s normal to lose interest in sex at times after diagnosis and during treatment. Breast cancer treatments or the cancer itself can cause fatigue, discomfort, pain and other side effects that impact your sexual desire and activity. These side effects can happen during treatment, or months or years afterward."

- Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Read more about the side effects the most common breast cancer treatments can have on a survivor's sexual health at

Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Watch a video about LBBC and the effects breast cancer can have on a survivor's sexual health

Living Beyond Breast Cancer has been fighting for those affected by breast cancer. They provide programs and services to survivors with the goal of providing information, and a community of support. CalExotics wanted to help further LBBC’s mission. So, in 2017 we created Inspire, a collection of thoughtfully designed products aimed at improving the lives of women on their journey for heightened sexual experiences.

Since its creation, a portion of the proceeds from each purchase of Inspire products help fund LBBC. In honor of breast cancer awareness month, we are DOUBLING our donation to further support this incredible cause. Help women continue their fight against breast cancer with a purchase of an Inspire product today!

Published at: 22-10-2018
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