Why Is Hotel Sex So Much Better Than Sex At Home?

Why Is Hotel Sex So Much Better Than Sex At Home?

He had me bent over the edge of the bed, handcuffs on my wrists, my skirt lifted and the fresh mountain breeze lofted in from the floor to ceiling open-air glass doors.  Sunlight danced on my skin, raining down from the skylight overhead.   Later on we’d build a fire in the fireplace and it would be my turn to handcuff him…

This is a true story.  I travel all over the world, often times with my partner and we have some of the best sex in hotels.  We’ve even visited some of the same hotel rooms over and over again and joke about all the great experiences we’ve shared in that same bed.

So why is hotel sex so much better than sex at home?

  1. Novelty – it’s something new.  It’s a new room, a new bed, a new city or part of your city.  There are new smells, new sights, and new experiences to be had.  Novelty is one of the main ingredients in great sex.
  2. No Kids/Pets – if you have kids and you’ve left them at home you now have freedom to follow your impulses and desire.  And when it comes to pets, I can’t tell you how many of my clients say the dog interrupts their sex, so there is no dog licking your feet in the middle of your passion.
  3. Freedom – when staying a hotel there is new level of freedom, you might try something you’ve never tried, you might feel bolder than usual.  There may not be the normal demands of life, and being free of that stress can help you feel more alive and turned-on
  4. Cleanliness – the space is usually clean (unless you are going for the seedy hotel experience) and you don’t have to worry about cleaning up afterwards.  For some people being clutter free helps them to relax into their own sensuality.
  5. Fantasy – meeting at a hotel can have an edge of fantasy and naughtiness to it.  If you plan a hotel adventure with each other you can set up themes, one of you can arrive early to set up all your sensation and pleasure enhancing toys.  Set the scene and a hotel room can become a whole world of naughtiness. 

Personally, I LOVE hotel rooms, something about them makes me feel relaxed.  Getting away from home, especially since I work from home, helps me to feel more adventurous and to let loose of responsibility. 

So if things have gotten a little dull, maybe it’s time to plan a weekend away with two nights in a hotel.  Sleep in.  Get in room massages.  Don’t leave the room except for some food and you’ll have the best weekend ever!

What have been some of your great hotel experiences?

- Jaiya, CalExotics Expert Sexpert