What's a Sexual Cultivation Practice?

What's a Sexual Cultivation Practice?

People are always asking me how I became so orgasmic, so radiant with sexual energy and so fortunate to have such an amazing relationship.  The secret to my success has been due to years of practice.  And not just any practice but specific exercises that cultivate my sexual energy, feminine radiance and pleasure.  It's my Sexual Cultivation Practice that's done it all!

But what is a Sexual Cultivation Practice?  Similar to working out in a gym it's a series of exercises that build your erotic muscles, so to speak.  

By consciously cultivating your sexuality you are able to give and receive more pleasure.  You are able to get more in touch with what turns you on and to increase that turn on.  You also give permission to your erotic energy and allow it to flow more freely.  

To me erotic energy is our life-force energy.  We all come from that spark of life that is the egg and the sperm meeting - we are all a product of sex.  To cultivate and celebrate our sexuality we are cultivating and celebrating all of life.  

In my life I have spent over 2 decades using practices to cultivate, celebrate and grow the erotic.  What do these practices look like?  

Well, some days it might include a Tantric Sex Formula, some days it might be breathing with self-pleasure, some days it might be receiving erotic bodywork, some days it's meditation and sex, over the years I've collected many techniques and tools.  My favorite to this very day is the Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga Daily Practice.  

Here's a video where I share more about Sexual Cultivation Practices: