Stop…Back Away from the New Sex Toy and Do these RPP Steps First!

Stop…Back Away from the New Sex Toy and Do these RPP Steps First!

As CalExotics’ Expert Sexperts, we get the opportunity to review and rate many of their sex toys. And part of our review process includes giving new toys to tester couples who help us with the fun part, so to speak. They get to test out toys and give us important feedback which we then use to give our final rating. Well, after years of working with these very lucky couples, we have learned that they sometimes skip several important steps and jump right into using the toy.  Really…who can blame them…they are excited to test out a new toy!! Of course, they want to immediately rip open the package and get right into having fun!  

However, there are very important steps that need to be done before diving in, so to speak. Now, if you bought a new sex toy and you’re excited to use it just like them…stop…back away from the toy….and do these RPP (read, prepare, and play) steps first:

1. Read (R) – Yes, read the box and the instructions. The box and instructions contain important information. What type of batteries are required and how many are needed or is it USB rechargeable? If it’s rechargeable, does it come charged or do you have to do that first? Is it waterproof? How do you clean it? And what type lubricant is recommended to use with the toy?

2. Prepare (P) – Now it’s time to make sure you got everything you need before play time gets started. Make sure you have the right type and amount of batteries required. Or make sure your toy is fully charged (if rechargeable). And make sure you have the right type of lube that you can use with the new toy. Also before using your new toy, it’s super important to clean it as recommended by the sex toy manufacturer.

3. Play (P) – Before your first use, play and get acquainted with the new sex toy. This is the time to figure out how to use the new toy and become familiar with all the bells and whistles that come with it. You want to know what button does what, etc. Trust us, you don’t want to be fumbling around, trying to figure out how the toy works in the middle of play time.

Getting a new toy is super exciting. We know...we get excited too!  However, it’s really important to take a pause and do some important steps before getting started with your toy.  So, after you make your next sex toy purchase, please take the time to do these RPP steps first before you use it. Happy play time!

~ Drs, Chuck and Jo-Ann Bird, CalExotics Expert Sexperts