Quick Tips For Using The Callie Vibrating Mini Massager

Quick Tips For Using The Callie Vibrating Mini Massager

Do you love bullet style vibes?  Ready for something seamless, satin smooth, waterproof, and has easy push button operation?

 The Callie Vibrating Mini Massager by Jopen is so amazing it’s featured in the October issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. The issue, which is on newsstands now, has cosmopolitan testers trying out vibrators in an article aptly named Toy Story.

 The article, which involved 22 eager testers and a countless number of orgasms, compiles a list of the best sex toys. The JOPEN Callie Vibrating Mini Wand makes the front page and is crowned "Most Stylish". The tester explains, "If Apple made a vibe, this would be it. Its seven patterns go from low to whoa." The pretty little sex toy also received its Best in Odistinction because, according to the tester, "The only thing it doesn't do is text."

 The Callie Vibrating Mini Massager has a unique oval shape.  You’ll want to play with it a little differently than your standard bullet vibe. 

 Try a different kind of sensation by placing it in between your labia and rolling it back and forth.

 Or play with teasing yourself by moving back and forth between the entrance to your vagina and your clitoris.  Start by just barely inserting the tip of the Callie Vibrating Mini Massager and then stimulate your clitoris with the amount of pressure that feels best.  Alternate back and forth from your vaginal entrance to your clitoris, teasing and tantalizing yourself as you build closer and closer to climax.

 The versatility of this massager comes from your own imagination.  Just think about how you could get creative with it.  How about sliding it up and down in between your labia, twisting and turning it, using more pressure to get more clitoral contact, or making it light and sweet as you tease over your inner or outer folds? 

 And don’t forget that there are 7 different functions to explore.  You may find that you body likes fast and intense, or that you prefer more of a pulse.  By experimenting you will discover more of what your body likes and that may change from day to day.   It really depends are your desired outcome.

What do you want?

  • A quick climax
  • A deeper orgasmic experience
  • A teasing session
  • To get ready for intercourse with a partner
  • To turn yourself on but not come to a climax (sometimes it’s fun just to walk around turned on)
  • Relaxing massage of your pelvic floor

 Sometimes it’s good to know what you want and where you are going before you begin your exploration. 

 Tell us, what have you discovered about your body as you explore your sexuality?