Miranda's Annual Holiday Gift Guide

Posted By - , Dec 11th 2019

Miranda's Annual Holiday Gift Guide 

HO HO HO! It’s that time of year again - holiday gifting season! You know me, I like sex toys and I like to keep things HOT and STEAMY. So naturally, I’m all about gifting the big “O” to help others discover the oh so wonderful world of sex toys.  

Why gift a sex toy? Well, let me tell you, getting a sex toy is 1,000% BETTER than getting another sweater or gift card (can I get an AMEN? AMEN!). I mean seriously, how many times can you recycle the same gift idea?! I remember this one time, before hubs and I were married, he was SO excited for me to open his gift that naturally, I was also excited. What on earth could my lover have picked out for me? A new vibrator? Massage oil? Sex pillow? The suspense was kinda turning me on and then BAM I found a hideous jacket staring back at me. Talk about the biggest let down ever! Don’t get me wrong, I love that he tried, but sometimes you just gotta keep it real and let the people have what they want - pleasure! 

If you really want to mix up your gift-giving this year, here are my top picks: 

For the tech-obsessed penis owner

The Optimum Power® Masturball™ ($79.99) will wow anyone with a penis. It has ten functions of vibration and three functions of compression giving you THIRTY possible variations! It’s received rave reviews and has even been dubbed the “future of sex toys.” Hubby was fascinated by the Masturball’s spherical shape which makes it hardly look like a sex toy - this one could easily be mistaken for a high tech speaker. 

For couples

Scandal Bed Restraints ($68.99) are one of my favorite gifts to give to all my couple friends. Ever had a friend confide in you that things have gone stale in the bedroom? Well, these restraints are a sure-fire way to spice things up and encourage risqué behavior. Not only will they bring lovers closer (literally), but they will intensify sensations of dominance and submission. The Scandal Bed Restraints are the perfect way to introduce couples to the world of fantasies and deepen trust between them.

For the Sex and the City obsessed

Avid Sex and the City fans are sure to recognize the iconic Jack Rabbit vibrator. Whether single or in a relationship, the Jack Rabbit® Signature Silicone Thumping Rabbit ($128.99) is a must-have gift with seven functions of vibration and three shaft thumping speeds. This one even features up to 60 minutes of waterproof vibration. Imagine all the fun to be had in and out of the shower. 

For the wellness guru 

We’ve all heard about the sexual benefits of doing your Kegels. Strong Kegels can help with urinary incontinence (hi there new moms!) and help you have stronger orgasms (sign me up!). The Kegel Training Set Strawberry ($62.99) is a foolproof gift for that one friend who is all over the latest health and wellness trends - from jade rollers to CBD to meditation. They will appreciate the importance of strengthening pelvic muscles for erotic pleasure! 

For the kinky friend who’s down to try anything

Some people, myself included, don’t shy away from talking about their desire for anal sex and the pleasure it gives them! The Pave - Audrey ($106.99) is not only the most elegant anal toy I’ve ever seen (it’s a beautiful teal color and adorned with crystals) but is truly riveting with 35 vibration settings! This toy will impress even the kinkiest of friends. 

For the jet setter

The Lock-N-Play Wristband Remote Panty Teaser ($85.99) is perfect for friends who are always on the go. The powerful teaser fits into any pair of panties and delivers intense vibration through the wristband controller, which looks like a smartwatch. This is the ideal toy you can sneak into the airplane bathroom for a quick orgasm!

For the indecisive friend

The In Touch™ Dynamic Trio ($149.99) is the most versatile vibrator I’ve ever seen with three different attachments allowing for customizable pleasure. It’s a great gift for beginners and erotic experts alike. And it will make that indecisive friend of yours feel like you’ve gifted them three gifts in one.

Stocking Stuffer

Searching for a stocking stuffer that’s more unique than a Starbucks gift card? Cue the Hide & Play Rechargeable Lipstick. It’s affordable, just $26.99, compact, discreet and waterproof! Now that’s a stocking stuffer that will add a little pep to anyone’s step. 

Don’t be shy this holiday season and spice up your gift-giving! A sex toy might not be the conventional gift, but that’s what makes it so perfect- and whoever you’re gifting it to will appreciate it all the more that you’re thinking of their happiness and pleasure! Just remember to keep cool when gifting sex toys and above all, don’t gift a sex toy to someone who obviously isn’t as cool about it as you are. 

~ Miranda Buzzlove

Posted By - , Dec 11th 2019