Make Valentine’s Day The Best Ever This Year

Make Valentine’s Day The Best Ever This Year

Happy couple on Valentine's DayOne of the biggest traps of Valentine’s Day is big expectation.  If you are in a relationship you may expect something special to happen on this day.  Or if you are not in relationship you feel depressed because something special isn’t happening on this day.

If you are single, what if you take power into your own hands and instead of complaining that you don’t have someone special, take yourself out and make YOU that someone special!

How about on this Valentine’s Day you do plan something special, but you keep it mysterious and down play it?  That way you set really low expectations and when you over deliver on those expectations you send your partner through the roof.

Here’s how this works.

Step One:  Send a text or email to your lover saying that you are going to take them to the movies (or something even less, like ordering pizza in with the kids) for Valentine’s day. 

Step Three:  Tell them to block out time because you do want to spend some quality time with them that night (or day), but don’t tell them exactly what you will be doing.  Give them only instructions for how to dress and what to eat if they need to eat beforehand.

Step Four:  Avoid all traditional Valentine’s Day activities.  Do NOT do chocolate and Teddy Bears, or dinner out (unless you put a special spin on these).  Plan something special, something that will be unforgettable. 

Here are some ideas:

            Hire a massage therapist to come to your house and give you massage

            Make a picnic lunch and do a hike together, eat lunch somewhere beautiful (weather permitting).

            Melt cocao butter and coconut oil together and give them a sensual chocolate massage on your new massage table

            Take a private Tango Lesson

            Set a timer for 2 minutes increments and share – great memories, gratitude, what you love about them, etc.

            Find something unique in your city (here in LA I found a place called Game HAUS - coffee house with hundreds of fun games to play)

The important thing is to make sure that it is all a surprise.  You might even want to blindfold your partner so they have no idea what is happening.  The surprise and the mystery will be your most powerful tools. 

If you are single, you can have a friend plan a date night out on the town for you.  Or you could find special valentine’s events for singles.  You never know, you could meet your ultimate partner on a day you normally would hide inside.

We’d love to know, what are you planning this Valentine’s?  Because the most important step is the planning!