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  1. When Sex Hurts: Inspire Silicone Dilator Review

    Showtime’s Masters of Sex is based on the groundbreaking work of sex therapists William Masters and Virginia Johnson in the 50’s.  Not everything you see in the series is true, but the broad strokes are accurate.  

    Their complementary style worked right away.  He was the gynecologist with credentials and medical training; she was the warm and approachable counterpart.  (Their chemistry wasn’t exclusive to the laboratory; their working relationship turned into a marriage.)

  2. Spy-free and Sensual: CalExotics Remote Control Vibrating Panty Review

    Recently, a woman filed a lawsuit against the Canadian company Standard Innovation.  Believe it or not: her vibrator made by that company was spying on her.  In fact, this vibrator was potentially “spying” on tens of thousands of users.  This was a class action lawsuit which covered not just this one women, but all consumers of the product.

  3. What Starts in The Mind Can Block Your Body & Brain From Sex

  4. Sexting: When It Works and When It Hurts

    When it comes to love and sex, a lot has changed since my grandparents were married in a farming town in rural Ohio 50 years ago.  In the mid 90’s, I loved AOL Instant Messenger to flirt with my adolescent crushes.  In 2016, you don’t even need to be on your laptop to wait for someone to be online to start a conversation.  Send a message on a dating app, and wait for that light on your phone indicating a reply.  Flirting and foreplay are presented to you 24/7 with a simple swipe on your iPhone - whether you’re on Tinder or texting a pic that Anthony Weiner would regret. 

  5. Stella II Double Kegel Ball Set: The Affordable Vaginoplasty Alternative

    Guilty pleasure confessional: I watch Bravo’s The Real Housewives from time to time. Vaginoplasty is a popular topic on both coasts. Ex-Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Brandi Glanville talks about her surgical vaginoplasty which cost over $10,000. She’s also talked about the considerable pain that comes with a surgeon cutting into your genital area.

  6. Sex, Politics, and The Pursuit of Happiness

    Who would have guessed that sex would be so prominently featured in a political party’s national platform?  Then again, who would have guessed that a business mogul/reality star would win the GOP nomination?  I wasn’t all that surprised when a governor from Utah called for a resolution to combat pornography.  However, it was shocking when this provision was added to the GOP’s national platform.  I’m not here to tell you who to vote for or what political party to register with, but I do want to lend my professional opinion on how this relates to our sexual health.


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