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  1. Make Valentine’s Day The Best Ever This Year

    One of the biggest traps of Valentine’s Day is big expectation.  If you are in a relationship you may expect something special to happen on this day.  Or if you are not in relationship you feel depressed because something special isn’t happening on this day.

    If you are single, what if you take power into your own hands and instead of complaining that you don’t have someone special, take yourself out and make YOU that someone special!

    How about on this Valentine’s Day you do plan something special, but you keep it mysterious and down play it?  That way you set really low expectations and when you over deliver on those expectations you send your partner through the roof.

    Here’s how this works.

  2. What's a Sexual Cultivation Practice?

    People are always asking me how I became so orgasmic, so radiant with sexual energy and so fortunate to have such an amazing relationship.  The secret to my success has been due to years of practice.  And not just any practice but specific exercises that cultivate my sexual energy, feminine radiance and pleasure.  It's my Sexual Cultivation Practice that's done it all!

  3. Setting Up A Love Den

    I love putting together sensual spaces.  I like getting the lighting just right, setting up music, placing all the sensual furniture, and of course decorating. But sometimes life can get in the way of creating a sexy love den for you and your lover.

    To me having a seven year old isn't the sexiest thing in the world.  He now has his own bedroom, but that doesn't keep him from wanting to visit us in the night, especially when he isn't feeling well.   Which is why having a separate space for intimacy is important.

  4. Why Is Hotel Sex So Much Better Than Sex At Home?

    He had me bent over the edge of the bed, handcuffs on my wrists, my skirt lifted and the fresh mountain breeze lofted in from the floor to ceiling open-air glass doors.  Sunlight danced on my skin, raining down from the skylight overhead.   Later on we’d build a fire in the fireplace and it would be my turn to handcuff him…

  5. Quick Tips For Using The Callie Vibrating Mini Massager

    Do you love bullet style vibes?  Ready for something seamless, satin smooth, waterproof, and has easy push button operation?

     The Callie Vibrating Mini Massager by Jopen is so amazing it’s featured in the October issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. The issue, which is on newsstands now, has cosmopolitan testers trying out vibrators in an article aptly named Toy Story.

  6. Celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month With Inspire

    Did you know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month?   It’s time to celebrate and honor all the bodacious tatas in the world (and men, you have tatas too, and yes, while rarely discussed men get breast cancer too).

  7. Playing With Gender Roles In The Bedroom

    A few years ago I was riding home from San Francisco with a world famous Drag King. It was one of the most exciting conversations I ever had on a road trip. I was curious about everything. "What's the process of getting into being a man? Did people actually believe you were a man when you went

  8. What Do You Need To Give Up In Order To Live a Turned-On Life?

    ; mostly of control, but big letting go.  Why?  Because I noticed that I wasn’t living my life in bliss, that I wasn’t living a turned-on life.

    Sure, my relationship with my partner was off the hook amazing and fulfilling. 

    Sure, my business was more successful than ever before.

    Sure, I had manifested so much that I desired to have in life.

  9. 5 Pillars to Sexual Health & Pleasure

    Would you like to improve your sexual health and pleasure?

    If you answered yes, I'd love to teach you how to become a better health detective.

    Se when I go to see my doctor I'm always curious why a symptom or issue is showing up because I'd rather get to the root cause and eradicate it.  I'd rather know what is causing a discomfort or issue and treat the cause not the symptoms.

    I put together this video to help you take a look at 5 different aspects of your life to see what you could do to be better sexual health detective!


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