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  1. Stop…Back Away from the New Sex Toy and Do these RPP Steps First!

    As CalExotics’ Expert Sexperts, we get the opportunity to review and rate many of their sex toys. And part of our review process includes giving new toys to tester couples who help us with the fun part, so to speak. They get to test out toys and give us important feedback which we then use to give our final rating. Well, after years of working with these very lucky couples, we have learned that they sometimes skip several important steps and jump right into using the toy.  Really…who can blame them…they are excited to test out a new toy!! Of course, they want to immediately rip open the package and get right into having fun!  

  2. 5 Things You’ll Love About The JOPEN® Callie™ Vibrating Mini Wand Too!

    As CalExotics’ Expert Sexperts, we have the very pleasurable “job” of reviewing all types of sex toys and pleasure products including ones from JOPEN, the global name in luxury pleasure products.  There are so many toys that we like that have different shapes and features available.  However, we are super excited about the new JOPEN Callie™ Vibrating Mini Wand and we are definitely not the only ones!

  3. It's Superior Relationships Month and National Read a Book Day!

    We absolutely love books…especially self-help books! But like sex toys, there are so many to choose from.  Some self-help books are absolutely amazing and contain a wealth of great information.   Other self-help books are well…not so great.  

    Since today is National Read a Book day and this month is Superior Relationships Month, we have compiled a list of our favorite relationship and sexuality self-help books.  In fact, we love these books so much that we even recommend them to our clients as part of their home assignments to help improve their relationships.  We have also added books written by our fellow CalExotics Expert Sexperts, Jaiya and Dr. Mike.   So, check out some of our favorites (in no particular order):  

  4. How Many Feathers did the Inspire™ Vibrating Remote Breast Massager Receive?

    This month, as CalExotics Expert Sexperts, we were sent another great product to review. Just a reminder, each product is rated, by our testers (2 couples), using The Love Bird’s Feathers Rating Scale™:

  5. Quiz: Things Men Can Stop Worrying About in Bed

    Guys, do you wonder if your sex life is "normal"? Do you worry about your penis size or how long it takes you to achieve orgasm? Take this WebMD quiz to learn that what may be concerning you isn't...


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