Tone it Up!® Weighted Orgasm Balls

Tone it Up!® Weighted Orgasm Balls

Wind it Up!® Beaded Silicone Probe with Designer Pull Ring

Wind it Up!® Beaded Silicone Probe with Designer Pull Ring

Ride it Up!® Beaded Silicone Probe with Designer Pull Ring

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  • Remarkable thrills await with this product, designed to knock-knock-knock at your back door. The peak of sensual anal pleasure is all yours.
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Experience amazingly pleasurable anal training with the luxurious Up! Ride It Up! Beaded Silicone Probe with Designer Pull Ring. This probe is perfect for beginners and experienced anal lovers alike.

The 6-inch-long and 1-inch-wide beaded shaft is ready to deliver repeated bursts of pleasure as you slide one silky-smooth bead after another into your (or your partner’s) behind. As each bead goes in, it stimulates your sensitive anal nerve endings and provides a breathtaking rush of sensation as it pushes your anus open and closed.

Each bead is just a little bigger than the last, so you can start slow and bask in the feeling of intensifying pleasure with each bead. Your probe is totally seamless and pliable for maximum comfort. Silicone dividers between the beads make your probe hygienically superior and easy to clean.

Keep the probe inside of you while your partner pleasures you. Let them tease you by pulling it in and out for continuous explosions of pleasure. Or, when you’re on the brink of release, have them pull the beads out quickly to magnify your pleasure while you climax. The base of the probe features a sleek designer easy-pull handle for simple and safe removal.
SKU SE-1325-05-2
Color Gray
Upc Number 716770080363
Water Resistance Splish splash you can even take this beautiful device in the bath. It's completely, safely submersible.
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